Yannick Bissoning it

I’ve been a bit of a downer of late and by of late, I mean that it’s been going on for a few months. The vertigo I had (thankfully all gone now) didn’t help, depressing weather and shorter days in wintertime didn’t help (I always have a bit of the winter blues), job dissatisfaction didn’t help, a year in lockdown didn’t help and not moving enough probably didn’t help either. Now with the days thankfully getting longer again, I try to get out more, like during the walk I posted about earlier this week. I’m getting tired of walking, though, and so today I Yannick Bissoned it (yep, I invented a new verb)!

Yannick (him with the dreamy brown eyes) is a mountain biker. He bikes on The Murdoch Mysteries

… but most of all he’s a biking nut in real life…

On his social media he posts little biking movies…

… and, inspired by Yannick, I found myself thinking that with the weather improving a bit, I should really go biking again as well. It’s something different than taking all the same old walks all the time. I don’t do the adventurous mountain biking that Yannick does but The Netherlands isn’t anything if not a biking country and it’s easy to step on your bike and just go. So, Yannick Bissoning it (biking and filming along the way) seemed the way to go.

Lockdown measures have been prolongued here to mid April at least (Corona cases are on the rise again and vaccinations are not moving quick enough), which means we are all still limited in our movements. Biking is not limited, though, and so at the end of the afternoon I stepped on my bike again for the first time in many months and biked into town. I have no leg muscles left to speak of, so I decided on a leisurely pace. I have also not been into our town centre for months, so it was nice to just bike to and around there for a bit. I made some gifs from the few short videos I made (had to hold it in my hand, don’t have a camera fixed on me like Yannick does).

I plan on Yannick Bissoning it way more often now as the weather improves. It will be good to build up a little stamina again as well and, as I do so, maybe I can take some longer bike rides by the time the weather really gets warmer. Time will tell…

22 thoughts on “Yannick Bissoning it

  1. Servetus

    That was my perception while visiting the Netherlands — no place on earth is built as friendly to bikers! (I also love to bike, but I only seem to do it in Germany. US roads frighten me.) I hope it continues to give you the jolt you’re seeking.

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  2. Fatima

    I have to pull out my bike and get it to the shop. After you last few Yannick posts, I tried to find Hockey Night, a CBC television film he did with Meagan Follows. For a while he was pegged for hockey player roles. (He does look like Sidney Crosby’s cousin.) It’s on Amazone Prime but I am not sure you have that in the Netherlands but I did find a full version on YouTube. Definately the 80’s that film.

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    1. I actually also found and watched Hockey Night, it was his first big role as a teenager – so young! I don’t know anything about ice hockey so had to look up Sidney Crosby – I see what you mean. πŸ™‚

      Hope you can get your bike fixed!


      1. Fatima

        Good. I wasn’t sure. He matured from his teen heartthrob days and it’s great other Canadians are having an impact. (Also proof not everyone is named Ryan πŸ˜‰)

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  3. Wonderful on the biking and these gifs are terrific. I feel like I’m riding tandem with you on the bike!
    Doldrums yup I haven’t really exercised in almost a year. I do appreciate Spring now more then ever! Glad the vertigo is all gone! β€οΈπŸ€—

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  4. Hope all goes well with the Yannick Bissoning and that it lifts the blues. I can’t ride a bike (yet!) but find that walking always lifts my mood – not sure what the new verb would be for that, James Sullivaning?

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    1. You can’t ride a bike? That’s not something I hear often, but then, I live here where everyone rides bikes and must remind myself it’s not as common everywhere else… In fact, we have more bikes in this country than people (I just checked, 23 million bikes versus 17 million people).

      I do enjoy walking, just get tired of doing the same old rounds here for the past year. James Sullivaning – LOL! I take it he walks a lot in ‘Space Sweepers’?

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        1. Then James Sullivaning seems like a very good verb. πŸ™‚

          Yeah, biking isn’t safe everywhere, especially in traffic. Here we have bike paths literally everywhere so it’s pretty safe. No one wears helmets here, which I understand seems weird to foreigners who come here. Hope you learn one day, it is quite fun to bike.

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  5. I previously much preferred cycling because I always felt I gor more achieved biking than walking! Lol
    Its great you’ve rediscovered it..hope your bum wasn’t too sore after the first outing lol

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    1. You definitely get to cover more ground on a bike.

      My bum’s OK, LOL! A little sore but I only noticed when I got on the bike again today. If I continue to bike regularly the slight soreness will disappear… πŸ™‚

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