It’s done

Mr Esther and mini me were busy with the votes counting till close to 1 a.m. in their respective counting locations last night.

Most of the election results are now in. Alas, the right wing (from center right to far right) does get the biggest slice of votes. Luckily the far right votes are splintered between several parties so none of them will, I think, have a chance to make it into government and they will remain in opposition. At least, I hope so and that the center right VVD party (the largest party) will adhere to its promise to not go into coalition with these chaotic far right parties. Still, 29 seats going to far-right parties is a very concerning thing! It’s really depressing that I live in country where these extreme and xenophobic viewpoints have such a large following.

The encouraging news is that the center-left D66 party made some big gains and is now the second largest party! They are part of the current coaltion government, together with our prime-minister’s party (VVD) and two other Christian conservative parties, but as they have gained quite a lot of seats (possibly their greatest election result ever) they willl hopefully be able to gain a stronger voice in a new government. I’m not going to go into a whole analysis here, if you are interested in reading more, you can read this article. Suffice it to say that it looks like Mark Rutte will stay PM and, while I hate his flirting with right wing speech on occaison and I’m not too fond of some of his more right-wing policies, he is a stable leader especially during this Corona crisis. I just hope that with a stronger D66 some policies can also be liberalized in a new government. Go, Sigrid Kaag (she danced on a table last night when news of the big gains for her party came in)!

I also hope a government can be formed quickly (and it doesn’t take a record 225 days like last time around).

7 thoughts on “It’s done

    1. People seem afraid and turn inward and selfish… On TV this evening they interviewed a few far right voters and you can just hear the Trump playbook shine through their rhetoric (even right down to ridiculous allegations of voter fraud!). It’s scary and I hope the trend will slow down and stop soon.


        1. Yes, I really think so too! He was able to bring out awful stuff that has been simmering beneath the surface and now others feel like they can do that too. It’s really frightening.

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  1. Servetus

    This is kind of a hard result to interpret, the Right gains (why so many votes for Baudet et al.?) and the traditional Left is hemorrhaging. Is D66 something like a “third way” party?

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    1. D66 has been around for a long time (since 1966) and has always been a good middle-size party, usually larger than the Green Party but smaller than Labour. I’ve voted for them often and they have been part of several government coalitions over the years, but always as a smaller party. Labour has really not been doing well for quite a few years now, struggling with finding good leadership. I’ve gone off The Green Party leader in recent years and wasn’t sure about D66 leadership either until a few months ago when Sigrid Kaag took the helm, I quite like her. Their policies and Green and Labour are quite close to each other, so it’s always a toss up for me which one to pick in elections (I usally vote for one of those three). Apparently D66 took many votes from Green Party voters, which means that alas the left didn’t grow but just shifted.

      Votes for Baudet came in so high because he’s been very anti Corona crisis measures and people are sick of these measures and will follow anyone who tells them these measures aren’t necessary. As much as I dislike Wilders, I think that Baudet is even more dangerous, he disguises his message with charm and faux-intellect, he uses populist rhetoric and apparently people like that. His one-liners turn into memes amongst youngsters, I’m told they laugh at them. but it worries me that these one-liners will become normal speech.

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      1. Servetus

        Thanks for the elaboration — very educational. I share your worries about the role memes play in political socialization (and not just on the right).

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