DB, Yannick and Gabriel

Yeah, I’m not done with Yannick Bisson and Gabriel Macht and their brown eyes just yet. This past weekend I was also distracted by DB Woodside’s eyes again. Via Twitter I saw that he was doing an online pay-what-you-can convention event and before I knew it I found myself signing up for his 45 minute Q&A session at a quarter past midnight on what was technically not Saturday night but Sunday morning for me.

This man is such a gentle and thoughtful soul, very much impacted by the Black Lives Matter movement that is going on, harbours a huge affection for his Lucifer colleagues and I really enjoyed the 45 minutes listening to him (and looking into his eyes). He directed one of the final Lucifer episodes recently and loved it. It will be a while before we see it but I am curious.

In other brown-eyed news, I finished two Yannick Bisson and Deanne Bray in Sue Thomas F.B. Eye videos. One video I made was to the song ‘Grow As We Go’ which I’m not too happy with but I uploaded it anyway because I got impatient. I may take it down again but if anyone wants to see it, it is up on my Sue Thomas videos page (for now). Over here I will share the video I just finished today after work, because that one I do quite like…

I just can’t get enough of Bisson’s brown eyes (click images to enlarge)…

I also have a Gabriel Macht in Suits video idea that I want to explore next. I need a little video creation break but I am looking forward to using those brown eyes and that shit-eating grin in the video I’m considering making…

Thank goodness I still have fun and beautiful things to distract me even after being in Corona lockdown for a year.

8 thoughts on “DB, Yannick and Gabriel

    1. It’s just a distraction. I don’t have the awesome video editing tools or abilities I see in many other way better made videos, but it’s fun to do this in my little way and put my own creative spin on it. 🙂
      Vertigo is gone, thanks for asking.

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