It’s been a year

A year ago today I went to the office building I work in for the last time before going into lockdown. On Thursday afternoon, March 12th, we were all glued to a TV screen at work, watching breaking news announcing that the country had to go into lockdown. Even then I don’t think we were completely aware of how serious all of this was for all of us but we very soon learned. I went in to the office on Friday morning (Friday the 13th!) for an hour or two because I had an appointment to explain to two colleagues how to work in Microsoft Teams, already learning to do so by keeping a little distance between them and me (how important that software would become, starting on the Monday after lockdown started!). The office was already virtually deserted that day. I went home again for lunch and haven’t been back there since.

At the time I couldn’t imagine that being in lockdown would last a year! I was going to write a whole retrospective on observations and lessons learned but I had a bit of a difficult day yesterday and I find I can’t bring myself to do more looking back today. All I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t know then that this would last so long because I don’t know how I would have survived such a prospect. I do know that now with vaccines rolling out all over the world I have hope that we can hug people again in the forseeable future, that we can go out to restaurants, cinemas, theatres, concerts and museums again, that we can travel again and live life instead of just making do and existing. I hope that by March 13th 2022 this period in time will all be a memory, that we will never lose anyone due to this horrible virus again, that we can recalibrate and change the things we now realize we need to change and protect the things we missed most during this lockdown year (and a half?). The end is in sight, I hope.

18 thoughts on “It’s been a year

  1. Oh I do agree with you Esther. I was dismissive when it started, thinking that it would only last a few months and with no idea how our lives would change (world-wide) or what Microsoft teams was! Here’s to a better future.

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    1. We realized from images on TV from Italy that it was serious but I guess we never really continued the line of thought to think about how long it would all really last. Yes, indeed, to a better future!

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  2. Servetus

    I remember a discussion with my huge lecture class, where they were very dismissive. I said at the end, “well, if I don’t see you face to face again, it’s been nice to know you” and they all laughed. That campus started spring break a week early and as I packed up there was a group of men in front talking about trying to get an extra week in in Mexico.

    Everything I get to a point where I want to contemplate, something else happens. I don’t know if anyone in the US has had any time to learn any lessons.

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    1. We realized how serious the disease itself was due to the lockdown but I don’t think we ever considered at the time that it would all last this long…

      I’m not sure I’ve really contemplated deeply the lessons learned yet fully either. Was thinking of doing a bit of that in this post but guess I’m not ready for that yet myself either. You have the 2020 US political chaos to deal with over there on top of this whole Corona crisis thing. It takes time.

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  3. I think the six weeks for me in sheer lockdown then not being able to travel to Texas to help my dad and sister when my mum fell last September then her death all of that makes me treasure the people in my life that I love and love me. All the toxicity of Trump for four years and how divisive people are or became hopefully are in the rear view mirror.
    I’m so glad you have your family there through this last year! ❤️

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    1. Although I have seen a few people in person this past year I haven’t seen many and I still think our lockdown is pretty much as strict as it was a year ago (with a brief period of a little less restriction over the summer and early fall). So, to me it feels like 52 weeks instead of 6 weeks of sheer lockdown. But yes, you’re right, I am indeed very lucky that I have a good home life and have been able to spend it with my little family. 🙂

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  4. It looks as if the anniversary of the whole pandemic is getting us down. I felt quite depressed this week, too. Sometimes it feels as if we have lost a whole year. But well, let’s not be defeatist about it. At least we’ve had extra time with our closest family members. Hope we will soon have nice things to talk about again. Hugs!

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  5. aradaghast

    Vous me faites penser à ma volonté, il y a un an, de vouloir écrire un journal pour témoigner de l’expérience d’une professionnelle, dont j’avais décelé l’importance exceptionnelle.

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    1. aradaghast

      Malheureusement, je n’avais pas deviné que désormais mon temps libre allait être compté.
      Le projet a vite été abandonné. Mais l’aventure (au travail) est toujours autant passionnante que déstabilisante, chronophage et pourvoyeuse d’insomnies.
      Tenez bon, nous survivrons grâ

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      1. aradaghast

        grâce aux masques, gestes barrières, distances, vaccinations, … n’en déplaise à un certain DT et ses stupides acolytes.
        Mais le chemin sera long, parsemé d’embuches, d’espoirs et de désillusions.

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  6. It’s definitely hard to believe it’s been a year! We never had full-on lockdown here, so I am happy that I can get out once a day. Microsoft Teams has been a lifeline, really. as we can connect with colleagues easily throughout the day and seeing their faces. Mind you, I really miss seeing my older son (as their are restrictions on visiting) and the possibility of getting away. We book our annual beach trip within our province when we leave the prior year, so I’m really hoping that by the time our booking for the first week of July comes around, that we are allowed to travel.

    Hang in there. Vaccines are rolling out!

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