Picture of the day

Today I accompanied my 85 year old mother as she got her second Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine…

It’s good to know that she will now be protected from the virus.

38 thoughts on “Picture of the day

  1. aradaghast

    Que l’existence lui soit moins confinée! voilà ce que je lui souhaite.
    Ici les vaccins seront distribués en plus grand nombre, en avril. J’y mets un peu d’espoir, que mes parents fassent partie des premiers. A 91 et 87 ans, le temps passe lentement sans contact social.

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      1. squirrel.0072

        Relief, Ouf!
        They got their first shot on Monday last week, thanks to my brother’s computer abilities.
        In a great Middle Aged location in Angers: “le grenier Saint Jean” recèle 2 des tapisseries de l’apocalypse de Jean Lurçat. I was happy to drive them in such a marvellous building, classé “Monument historique”.
        For husband, 2 employess and I, next Saturday in Alençon (far 45 minutes by car), finally, a first Pfizer vaccine is scheduled too.
        At work, we shall be able to AstraZeneca vaccine our 55-74 and a few elder customers, next Monday.

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            1. That’s sweet, thank you!

              I was actually named after that Esther (all my siblings also have biblical names). The title of this blog reflects that even though I myself am not religious (but I do have that religious background). I think I get occaisonal religious followers/readers on here who must be disappointed when they come here as I don’t write that much about religion. 🙂 Naming this blog “The book of Esther” also felt fitting because it tells a bit of the story of my life and I like stories (films, TV and books) in general. 🙂

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              1. squirrel.0077

                I was actually named after three biblical catholic names too and understand your feelings because they are mine. In spite of ourselves,the education received shines through in our centers of interest, although the rules and precepts are still followed or not. We live anchored, imprinted for life in our backgrounds.

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              2. We all have ‘old testament’ names and even though I’m not religious, I am happy with my background and where I come from. Yes, we all take that with us, whether we like it or not. 🙂

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          1. aradaghast

            gift to history teacher Servetus :
            1966: Simone Lurçat bequeaths the “Chant du Monde” to the city of Angers to echo the largest known collection of medieval tapestries, “the Tapestry of the Apocalypse”. The work is installed in the former Saint-Jean hospital, in Angers.

            inspired by “La Tenture de l’Apocalypse”:

            hanged in Angers castle:

            global tapestry history:

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        1. Wish it were faster here too. Mr Esther has asthma, so he’ll be called up before any of us, hopefully in April/May? As for me, I don’t expect to be called before the summer…

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            1. Yeah, that sucks.

              My in-laws are a bit younger than my mother, my father-in-law (78) just got called this week, my mother-in-law not yet (she’s a little over a year younger). How old are your parents? I assume they have started vaccinating the elderly already, yes?


              1. Kate

                They have just gotten to the 85s afaik. My previous boss was vaccinated and he’s 86, I think. My parents are just 70+ and I don’t think they’ve reached that group yet.

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