Richard Armitage on Dibley

Yesterday a programme aired in the UK about The Vicar of Dibley and, among many other people, Richard was interviewed for it as well. Servetus has been so kind as to provide two clips from the programme where they all speak about Harry Kennedy as embodied by Richard Armitage…

Source Servetus
Source Servetus

She was going to find her romantic and intellecual equal, writer Richard Curtis says of Geraldine finding Harry and he’s a really good romantic hero with a twinkle in the eye, Dawn French says. Dawn’s smile says it all really (click images to see the smiles more clearly)…

Here are a buttload of screenshots as Richard is interviewed (click images to enlarge)…

I like that Richard’s biggest laughs were about the mud being splashed onto Geraldine’s wedding dress (the last four pictures above). Gotta love a man with a silly sense of humour! Guylty has compiled some nice gifs from Tumblr and videos on YouTube, check them out here if you like.

I really did enjoy the distRAction but now I need to get back to Gabriel Macht and Yannick Bisson with their beautiful brown eyes again…

… and wait a bit till I can make some more time and space in my head to watch the whole The Vicar of Dibley Inside Out programme. I always loved The Vicar of Dibley and I always loved that Richard was able to be part of that as well.

10 thoughts on “Richard Armitage on Dibley

  1. Thanks very much Esther (and Servetus and Guylty and all) for the buttload of screenshots etc. RA looks so gorgeously jolly and seemed to have had a great time on set.. I was intrigued by the books and artwork but now I’ve noticed those curious little glass display cases on his desk. Hmm.

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  2. Giggling at the idea of Harry being squished in a tragic combine harvester accident!πŸ˜†
    Not a huge fan of his styling and I’m convinced he’s had some botox inthr forehead as its not wrinkling all the way down! (Controversial i know!)
    But I’m also glad to see him look hearty and healthy, unlike the promo video for The Snowman he did 2 years ago (I know not long after his Mum died)
    He seems happy, and thats so good.
    I do appreciate the video that have been uploaded as I wasn’t able to watch the program.

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    1. Yeah, it’s great to have these videos available so soon, great fan service.
      He looked really happy to be reliving his Dibley days and it’s always cool to see him happy. πŸ™‚

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  3. Nice to see him relaxed and happily reminiscing. I could do without the cardigan, though. (And why do those last couple of screenshots remind me of his look in Alice through the Looking Glass???)


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