More brown eyes obsession

As I mentioned in my last post, Yannick Bisson’s brown eyes lead me to re-visit Gabriel Macht’s brown eyes and I’ve been re-watching bits and pieces of Suits, just because I wanted to see those beautiful brown eyes in action.

It’s not only the eyes, that man is truly brilliant as Harvey Specter, deal maker and man of steel, who underneath it all does have a heart that he shows especially around Donna (Sarah Rafferty, also brilliant) and more than ever in the final Suits season…

Added bonus is that some other brown eyes also caught my attention again during my re-watch, namely D.B. Woodside’s eyes. He’s most well known nowadays for Lucifer but he also did a season and later a few more guest episodes on Suits. He can look quite serious and dangerous, but the shape of his eyes and the colour are quite arresting and when he smiles the softness reaches right into his soulful eyes…

And of course I’ve been returning to Yannick Bisson over and over again because, I mean, come on, look at those warm large brown eyes and those eyelashes on the man! He’s a good actor and from what I can tell he seems like a very nice person too, but those eyes, they are in a league of their own (click on images to enlarge, they are worth it). Even behind glasses the eyes are beautiful! Is it possible to ship the eyes alone even more than the man?

I know I’ve been scarce around here of late, but with work, family, vertigo (now all gone, by the looks of it! Woohoo!) and all these brown eyes, blogging has gone out the window a bit. Last night I also started experimenting a little with the ‘Video Editor’ app for Windows 10, trying to figure out how that works, so I think I may remain preoccupied with brown eyes and video making for the forseeable future as well. I’m sure I’ll get back into blogging more again, once this obsession has run its course… Bear with me?

21 thoughts on “More brown eyes obsession

    1. Yes, me too! Sorry Mr. Armitage and sorry to my husband and kids as well who all have very blue eyes. Very pretty but not as mesmerizing to me as brown eyes are… I have several siblings with beautiful brown eyes and nephews and nieces too and I’m jealous.

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  1. I must confess that I prefer green eyes — maybe because we do see so many brown eyes here in France… ( come in France, Esther, lots of brown eyes 😉 !). I think it’s a nice obsession you have, by the way.
    In my family : my dad had brown eyes ( light brown, a bit golden ), my brother too ( hazel ). I’ve got a mixed colour : brown and green ( father and mother side). My daughter, from her African origins, has brown eyes ( very dark when she was a baby but lighter, quite hazel now).

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    1. As a child I always wanted brown hair and dark eyes, I guess we all want what we don’t have ourselves. My eyes are mixed blue-green (from my parents), as are the eyes of my biological siblings. My adopted siblings all have brown eyes as do some of my nephews and nieces and I’m jealous. 🙂


  2. It’s great that your vertigo has vertigone. Let’s hope it stays that way. I never used to fancy any man who didn’t have brown eyes. When my attraction to RA as John Thornton began (after hating him as a dramatic hero) I would think that it was a shame he didn’t have brown eyes yet it is those piercing blues that got to me in the end!

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    1. Vertigone – nice one! 😂
      Pierce Brosnan also has beautiful piercing blue eyes, btw, as do my husband and kids and yes I’m very partial to the Armitage blue eyes as well. I love to look at eyes in general anyhow but brown usually feel the warmest to me.

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  3. So good to hear that the vertigo is subsiding/gone. And what better than to celebrate that with an ode to such beautiful eyes. I can‘t really say that I have a favourite eye colour. I like them all. Brown eyes are always so warm and friendly. Blue eyes are colder, but sometimes they look deep and open. When I say I like blue eyes on RA, then only because that‘s what fits his skin hue and (even his dyed) hair colour. Anyway, the examples you have posted are all very easy on *my* grey green eyes 😉

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