A castle & brown eyes

First off, my vertigo is subsiding, woohoo!! Not all gone yet, but definitely improving. This means that on Sunday, after visiting my mother, I was well enough to take a day trip with my daughter and we visited my old boarding school which used to be situated in a castle near Utrecht. In my day (35-33 years ago… that sounds so old and long ago!) it all looked a bit different – in the second picture with the red arrow is the ‘Blokhut’ where I used to board with the school nurse and 4 other girls.

Mini me was curious about my boarding school years and as the grounds were open, we were able to walk around and look around. I always loved the driveway up to the castle and it still looks lovely…

The old coach house was still looking good from the outside, it used to be the girls dorm, where most of the girls lived…

There used to be a little wooden building to the left of the coach house that we used to call “The Chambre”. There we could buy evening snacks, play some pool (although I rarely did that) and socialize; it is completely in ruins now…

To the right of the coach house, the “Blokhut” was situated where I used to live. I first thought it was not there anymore as it is now almost obscured from view by shrubbery overgrowing it. I remember it like this (red arrow is pointing to my room)…

On Sunday the Blokhut looked like this… Only when we came up close could we see the entrance, the side of the building where I’d lived was only partially accessible around the back. Through the door I could look into the hall but my old bedroom window was boarded up.

The castle itself was still very pretty (although I don’t like the white plaster as much, it used to be all red brick)…

It was a lovely trip down memory lane and now my daughter wants to go to boarding school as well (even though I told her that boarding school also had its downsides).

The kids have spring break this week and I am off for the most part as well. Today Mr Esther and I decided to go for a walk somewhere further east and Junior was the one to join us for a change. He’s pretty busy normally with school or his girlfriend, but today, while mini me decided to spend the day with a friend, he had no plans. He decided to join us for our walk and it was lovely to have him alone with us for a whole afternoon for a change.

Besides vertigo, work and socially distanced outings here and there, I’ve been keeping busy with the Sue Thomas obsession, making two fan videos (now also up on the Sue Thomas video page that I set up).

I’ve also been re-watching bits and pieces of Suits again as Yannick Bisson’s brown eyes made me long for Gabriel Macht’s brown eyes again. I still love how the character of Harvey Specter developed and changed in the nine seasons that the show had.

Bisson’s Murdoch Mysteries season 14 is now airing, so I’m also watching the new episodes of that show as they come out. Nothing too challenging but a lot of fun, especially last night’s episode with the return of the whacko Newsome family.

I swear, I’d watch a spinoff sitcom with just Ruth Newsome-Higgins (Siobhan Murphy, a character that was introduced in season 10 and appears occasionally), she’s brilliant.

Another thing that has me fascinated is the Mars landing and the images coming from there…

Following NASA Perseverance on Twitter is cool.

Speaking of space, I know, I know that I should watch Richard Armitage’s new movie Space Sweepers over on Netflix, but I can’t quite make myself do so yet. While I enjoy some scifi, it’s not my go to genre and Richard’s role isn’t that huge, is it?

I’ll watch in time, maybe someone in the comments can let me know if it’s worth it? Maybe if his eyes were brown (my current obsession is kind, brown eyes) like in My Zoe I would be more tempted? Although, I admit that seeing brown eyes on Richard instead of his blue eyes is a little weird to me.

When I’m in obsession mode, normal online activities fall by the wayside, which means I have a huge backlog of blog reading to do. I don’t think I can or will promise to catch up on all, so my sincere apologies to those readers who are used to me commenting on their blogs! I’ll probably start coming around again more but not this evening, I have some more brown eyes that I need to get lost in after I post this…

24 thoughts on “A castle & brown eyes

  1. Esther I haven’t nor probably won’t watch Space Sweepers unless in a rewatch w Rachel
    She’s the expert on Space Sweepers 👍🤗❤️❤️
    The grounds and castle at your boarding school just are so majestic! What a treat to take your daughter there where you once lived and studied!
    Glad the vertigo is subsiding more and that you went to visit your mum ❤️
    Greer Sue Thomas fan vids too 👍❤️

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    1. Rachel the expert on Space Sweepers, eh? That’s fun. 🙂

      I couldn’t have gone to that school without the scholarship I had, it was quite expensive (I’m still so grateful to my parents for organizing that!). I had two great years at that boarding school (well, the first 3 months were tough, but after that it got great).

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      1. She is absolutely although! ❤️
        Certainly those memories there were forever with you and that what a treasured gift from your parents
        Getting through the tough spots makes the journey that much more worthwhile ❤️❤️
        It’s almost Austenland ish setting! ❤️❤️🤗

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  2. Servetus

    Wow, the exterior of that building has been really heavily altered / restored. How do you feel about the current use of the building?

    I’m glad your vertigo is calming down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, me too. 🙂

      The castle stopped being a school 9 years after I left, it was then empty for a long time, got bought by a care company to convert into care homes and apartments (not just the castle, the newer buildings on the grounds as well) but they ran out of money. Now an artist works there but I haven’t been inside there pretty much since a year or two after my graduation. It’s just sitting there, not being very much use to anyone and the castle itself isn’t open to visitors either. A Dutch movie I have no interest in seeing was filmed there a few years ago, which I fast forwarded through to see the building. I also read that a former student wanted to buy the place, turn it into an IT center and rent out rooms and apartments to students, but that didn’t work out. It’s sad seeing it slowly go to waste like that.

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      1. Servetus

        Being the data stalker that I am, I identified it from the pictures and it does seem like it’s just slowly crumbling into the ground (also based on the outbuildings’ condition). You’d think someone would find a market for using it.

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  3. Servetus

    Oh, and I haven’t watched Space Sweepers, either. My “Time War” discs arrived yesterday. It’s hard for me to see how I will get any free headspace for this until at least the beginning of June.

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  4. great news that the vertigo is subsiding
    your old boarding school is crazy! i’m imaging it wasn’t the warmest of places?
    the only brown eyes for my belong on James in My Zoe, lol
    Space Sweepers is a good film, slightly slow in the middle, and i would def recommend watching it with subtitles rather than dubbed (the American dubbing is pretty terrible and lacking emotion you get from the original actors voices). It’s worth it to watch Armitage as a properly bad guy , he’s one of those psychopaths who believes what he’s doing is for the greater good.

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    1. Our accommodations were fine, don’t really recall if the castle itself was that cold, so I guess it must have been OK heating wise. I had most of my classes in the attic classrooms, which were smaller than the rooms with high ceilings downstairs, so I guess the smaller rooms may have been easier to heat. Heating that place must have cost a fortune, though, I’m guessing a large chunk of the high school fees must have gone to that. 😉

      Yeah, I was always going to watch Space Sweepers in its original with subtitles, I’m already quite used to seeing subtitled films over here anyway and get very annoyed at dubbed versions anyhow.

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          1. 🙂 Go on Rachel, it’s addictive.
            Nick Barton, Director of Business Development for Chess.com, says the show is a cultural phenomenon. Since last November, they have seen 3.2 million new users on their platform with a record 27% of users, a striking increase of 5% in three months.
            The Queen’s Gambit amply demonstrates the important effect that diverse on-screen representations have on audiences. Not only has the series boomed on its production platform, but has reshaped the world of chess, parent-child relationships, and self-confidence for many girls.

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