Last day of ice

We wanted to take in the ice today before it all starts melting away again. Thawing temperatures have already started, so pretty soon the ice won’t be any good to stand on anymore. Mr. Esther, mini-me and I decided to drop off my younger brother who had spent the night at our house and then drive on to Delft, which is close to where my brother is now staying. Delft always is a little special to us, as we got married there. Anyway, once there, we saw that the ice was not very good anymore in many places, the thawing had already begun. Some people did still go out on the ice, but it wasn’t busy on the canals in the center by any means…

We stopped in the central square between the old city hall (where we got married) and the old church where several of our kings and queens are buried and picked up a hot drink and poffertjes (these mini pancakes with some butter and powdered sugar). Due to Covid 19 restrictions we couldn’t sit anywhere, so we had to drink and eat standing up. It was quite funny to see groups of people standing separate from each other in the square, wanting to be out but also keeping a distance from each other in small, restricted groups.

Businesses are trying to stay afloat during the Corona restrictions where only food and essential shops are allowed to be open. I saw a souvenir shop with a sign in the window saying you could order online and they would deliver orders (free of charge) in a 5 km radius. Another shop said to take a picture of the window display and then e-mail or phone your order in if you wanted to buy anything from that display. Our parking garage ticket also warned us to keep a 1.5 meter distance to others, using a famous Delftware kissing statue as their image, keeping the kissers apart…

We walked around Delft for about an hour, then drove home. We needed a few groceries which I said I’d do, in defiance of the worsening vertigo. Reclining on a couch so much is taking it’s toll and I just wanted to be moving a bit more. I took a very small detour to the shop (saw a heron on my path as well) so that I could take a peek at the frozen pond near our house before getting those groceries. Now, with the vertigo more prominent after all that activity, I’m back to reclining on the couch again.

It’s been a lovely Sunday and I’m off to chocolate eyed Yannick Bisson land again after I post this (I’ve been avoiding disappointing impeachment politics in the US with Yannick). Seriously, those big brown eyes with the thick lashes surrounding them do something to me, they are so full of expression and warmth…

I even made a fan video of his old Sue Thomas F.B.Eye show a few days ago…

… and am working on another one, so this Sunday also looks to be ending very nicely.

15 thoughts on “Last day of ice

  1. Delft looks so charming!! I found Sue Thomas on a steaming channel so I’ll start soon ! ❤️
    Hope your Sunday evening is relaxing and seems like getting out of the house amid COVID restrictions still was quite nice and family oriented so good going !!
    Take care Esther

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    1. Delft really is lovely. We used to live close to there so used to come there a lot (and got married there). A friend of mine lives there, so we sometimes meet up there.
      Vertigo will pass in time, thanks. I remain hopeful. 🙂

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  2. Servetus

    Poffertjes! You know how I feel about poffertjes!

    It’s still not above zero F here, so I envy you the melt. As far as the politics go — yesterday was another bizarre day and I have become persuaded that our entire leadership is so completely inadequate to this particular task that we just need to move on to the next COVID bill and hopefully a jobs / infrastructure package after that. Hopefully before the UK or some other COVID variant means all the vaccinations were for nothing.

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    1. Poffertjes are the best. 🙂

      I really hope the Biden presidency and the bills he wants to pass for the good of the people will chip away at the Trumpism that still seems around everywhere…

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  3. Looks like a gorgeous day there. We have snow continuing to fall — despite the Weather Network app on my phone trying to tell me that it’s raining. lol. I had vertigo years ago. It wasn’t fun. Mine must have been a different sort to yours, though, because if I lay down with my head back, the room would spin! I hope yours resolves itself soon.

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    1. Thank you, Sue. My vertigo is like constant floating/sailing, throwing me out of whack and making me lose my balance. Once I’m sitting still, I’m OK.

      It was a gorgeous day. 🙂 We’re back to rain again today…

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