Winter has come

It doesn’t snow often here and the past few winters have only on occasion given us a dusting here and there, but yesterday evening and last night, we got some real snow (and yes, we still have twinkle lights up in our garden as the evenings come so early here in winter)…

And it’s still snowing today, which has made it all somewhat thicker…

Mr Esther and I took a little walk through the snow while Junior is away with his girlfriend for the weekend and mini-me had enough of the snow after she had a little fun with it around our house…

It was a bit of a test for my vertigo and I’m back to reclining on my couch again but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. The snow is too powdery for snowballs or snowmen but maybe that will change as the week progresses? The forecast is that it will remain this cold for at least the rest of this week. It’s different for my brother in the southern tip of Israel. While we were sharing snow pictures in our family chat, he shared this view from the kibbutz where he lives…

That feels like a different world and, although I am enjoying our snow world right now, it also makes me long to travel again.

23 thoughts on “Winter has come

  1. you’re probably glad you can work from home, i imagine! no snow here in Wales but it’s blooming cold -i’ve just done a blog post and now i’m off to snuggle up under a furry blanket!

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    1. I love snow, but yeah, never good for travel. Junior was supposed to come home by train this evening but there are no trains running in the whole country so he won’t be coming home till tomorrow.
      I’m snuggling up under a blanket with a fire on in the fireplace right now and drinking Glühwein (mulled wine). 🙂

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  2. Servetus

    Your snow even made our national radio news! I thought of you. The colder the weather, the drier the snow, fortunately or unfortunately (it is much easier to move dry snow).

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    1. The Netherlands specifically? Wow. My son is in the south near Maastricht right now and they have no snow there. Yeah, it’s pretty cold for us here now (-4 Celsius) and they expect it to be even a little colder tomorrow.


      1. Servetus

        Yeah, it was just a sentence but it’s so rare that we hear anything about the weather elsewhere when it’s not catastrophic that it surprised me. (I’m tempted to say: “slow news day,” but the content of the news has changed a lot in the last two weeks — they are probably still getting used to not spending the first half of every update recapitulating the latest presidential tweets and explaining their errors.)

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  3. squirrel.0072

    Here I was “astroving”, that means: I was cuting off the top and branches of a Judean tree, to encourage new growth to widen, in the middle, like a sun umbrella. Because above, there is a medium voltage line.
    I bought new Lavandula stoechas plants to replace old Lavandula latifolia in a dry rockery and a few Narcissus for color. Here spring is coming soon (after a few colder days next week).

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      1. squirrel.0072

        I like very much all sorts of Lavandula and Cercis siliquastrum = Judean tree too.
        Swallows make spring : Daughter at home for a few days, in transit between Rennes and Sète via Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo (busy mama bee between washing machine / garden).
        Son is cleaning his new home (lot to do, lot of strange discoveries, I am happy not to be there…)

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