Swaying vs merriment

About a week and a half ago, I was clearing out old, never used sweaters and put them in a large plastic bag for clothes donations. Of course I should have remembered that I have a light dust mite allergy and handling sweaters that haven’t been used or washed in ages can trigger that. Sure enough, soon after the task was done my nose started clogging, my palate started itching and my eyes got red. I rinsed my nose out and washed my face and hands and figured that would be that but alas, no. My sinuses started clogging, I had bad headaches the next day and soon enough my dizziness returned! I’ve been battling it all with nose spray and anti-vertigo pills for the past week, to little avail. The last time I had this a little over a year ago, it took months to go away. I so hope that won’t be the case again now! Trying to keep spirits up despite it all and as I was just looking at some pictures on my phone I came across some nice ones from last weekend.

Last Sunday, Mr Esther, mini me and I went for a lovely drive (it’s as if, when I lie my head back against the headrest, the gentle motion of the car evens out the vertigo a bit). We stopped somewhere to get a takeaway meal for in the car (restaurants are only open for takeaway) and, as I waited for what I had ordered, it occurred to me that it looked like I was going to rob that place! The scenery during the drive was beautiful and very Dutch with windmills and boats along the way…

While there are lots of bridges over the very many streams and rivers we have here in The Netherlands, there are also still ferries in use and we took one (the ride lasted about a minute and a half) about 20 minutes away from where we live…

It’s good to appreciate the nice things in life and try to not get overwhelmed by such a stupid little thing like the swaying going on in my head right now. It’s a bit like being very tipsy but without the merriment, so I try to derive my merriment from other things such as last weekend’s little drive and also catching up on the many many seasons of Murdoch Mysteries as I lay back against pillows.

Just worked a half day and I’m off for a little lie-down now. I really hope this vertigo goes away again soon…

21 thoughts on “Swaying vs merriment

  1. Ohhh Esther I love ferry ⛴ trips! When I went to London in Sept 2019 Rachel and I took a Thames river tour ride at night where all the bridges were lit up ( not quite the same as a ferry but still on water) and it was so tranquil!!

    I get the same sinus clogging and headaches when I dust and clean. Awful feeling especially the headaches

    Hope you feel much better soon and lovely lovely pictures! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I hope you are feeling better, Esther. Your pictures are beautiful and remind me of the Dutch/ Flemish old masters (not the ferry though) although that’s not surprising as you live in the Netherlands. LOL about the bank-robber look!

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  3. Sorry to hear that the vertigo has come back. Hopefully it’ll get better soon. It really is the last thing you need right now.
    I love how you are always going on little trips like that, btw. (Unfortunately over here we are not allowed to go any further than 5km from home, and we can not leave our county. Trapped…)

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    1. Thank you, Guylty.
      Wow, yeah you are even more restricted, then. We do these little trips and only get out of the car where it’s (relatively) quiet. With all the non-essential and non-food shops closed it’s usually quite quiet in all the villages/small towns we go through.

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  4. aradaghast

    Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) essential oil (ET) is particularly indicated in cases of respiratory allergies. Swallow 2 drops of tarragon in a teaspoon of olive or breadcrumbs 4 times a day for the duration of the allergy. Or 5 drops of tarragon mixed with 5 drops of vegetable oil in massage, on the temples and the wings of the nose. Do not use pure on the skin.

    The essential oil of radiated eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata), anti-inflammatory and decongestant of the respiratory tract thanks to its 1.8 cineole content. Inhale dry (a few drops on a tissue) or wet (a few drops in a bowl of simmering water). To breathe for ten minutes.


  5. how’s the vertigo/sinuses?
    have to admit i was disappointed inThe Murdoch Mysteries, was hoping to enjoy it as i believe it’s a wee but steampunk. We’ve started watching Merlin on Netflix in the eves, surprising amount of cameos


    1. Sinuses are alright, vertigo alas still there.

      I tried Merlin way back when but never could get into that. Murdoch is more my thing with the breathtaking brown eyes of Yannick Bisson and the yearning love and drama and quirks and humour. I do confess to fast forwarding through some of the case procedural stuff.

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