Covidiots on the rampage…

… here in The Netherlands the past few evenings and probably this evening as well and that makes me furious. Read this if you want to know more: “Curfew stays despite ‘scum’ riots in Dutch cities“.

This past weekend an evening curfew started from 9 pm till 4.30 am to combat the further spread of Covid. The curve has been going down for the regular Covid 19 variant but is on the rise for the British variant, which is far more contagious. We’re basically battling two pandemic diseases at once now. There has even been a riot outside a hospital, for crying out loud! Seriously, what do these rioters think is the alternative: just all go out and party and kill each other instead through transmitting this disease? A few weeks ago, on January 6th, everyone was aghast at riots in the Capitol in Washington DC and now we have riots here. Not instigated by political leaders, thank goodness, but riots nonetheless. If they were peaceful protests I could understand but rioting like this over a night time curfew to protect each other? Where is the sense?

Sign in The Hague that says: “I understand that you’re angry but violence doesn’t help. – An ordinary girl

I despair at the idiocy of the human race.

23 thoughts on “Covidiots on the rampage…

  1. Servetus

    Today the Wisconsin legislature is voting on a resolution, supported by the GOP, which is the majority party in the state, to repeal the governor’s mask mandate. The governor is a Democrat. The resolution is opposed by every major medical group in the state, not to mention the 80% of us that think it’s a good idea, i.e., presumably even some Republicans. It will probably pass. The purpose of this is to “own the Libs” and to hasten “reopening” and undergird “personal freedom.” Oh, and the all-powerful-here Tavern League also supports the resolution.

    Whether they’re rioting in the streets or preventing reasonable public health measures, the idiots are on the rampage and they won’t rest until they’ve endangered everyone they can.

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    1. Oh, and here at least those in charge aren’t being THAT idiotic. There was some discussion on whether a curfew was necessary but the minimum standards of distancing and mask wearing and working from home as much as you can are pretty much all accepted by at least the majority of politicians.


      1. Servetus

        There are certain groups of people (whether they are an actual impromptu mob, or just behave that way in legislative chambers) who see reasonable measures as pointless because they are not 100% effective. But they would be even more resistant to more effective measures. I’m glad there are still reasonable politicians in NL.

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        1. aradaghast

          Between measures acceptable to the vast majority or measures too restrictive to be followed to the letter, the choices of the authorities are not easy.
          It is the aberrant or discriminatory decisions that provoke the most criticism.
          Knowing that in all cases, whatever they do, the economy and mental health (elderly, students, frail …) will be the victims of the authorities’ ending choices.

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        2. Unfortunately most of these protestors are youngsters. And believe me, there are some horrible politicians in NL but thankfully the majority is more or less reasonable when it comes to the pandemic.

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  2. aradaghast

    I could share with you my classification of the Covidiots but I’m afraid to forget some.

    During these pandemic months, I noticed a lot of delusional attitudes. The wanderings, the errors of communication or the decisions of the governers in power and the medical or administrative authorities facing this extraordinary, unpredictable situation are largely responsible of those facts.

    But those who have found here a reason to live in protest or who have always been or have become professional complainers, are the ones who do the most damage. They are responsible for the loss of precious time, even the loss of the health of sane people. All of this leads to a great waste of “bullshit” (sorry!).
    No one has time to waste in this race against the virus.

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    1. Et maintenant, on atteint des sommets avec un vieux chanteur à côté de la plaque qui appelle à la destitution du président ( carrément à un coup d’état) en passant par un article dans un journal devenu complotiste — je veux parler de Francis Lalane dans France- Soir. Je n’avais pas suivi l’histoire mais le prof de socio politique de ma fille y a fait mention ce matin dans le cours à distance ( finalement, ça aide, les cours en distanciel….).
      Quand on parle de covidiots….

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      1. squirrel.0072

        Les complotistes sont légions. FL a toujours été “borderline”… bizarre.
        Les manifs rétrogrades (projet de loi bioéthique) m’inquiètent plus. Tu me connais.

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  3. Months ago, some time during the first months of Covid last year, I remember a demo of Covidiots marching through Dublin, demanding freedom and the end of all restrictions. We watched the demo pass through the street from a safe distance. But I overheard another spectator who stood at the bus stop across the street from us, and he commented aloud „American poison“.

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      1. Servetus

        I don’t want to be saying I wish COVID had worked out differently for him — but for months he said it was just a flu, then he got it and didn’t appear to be seriously ill, and that gave energy to the supporters of the view that it’s not a serious disease.

        Then there’s the problem of how people interpreted test results and what the “price” for that was, this not being anything close to a socialist country. Around here people would have mild symptoms and get a positive test, they would be told to go home from work for fourteen days, didn’t get paid, AND their entire families were ordered to quarantine with them whether or not the test was positive, including keeping kids home from school where schools were still open. So it appeared from the perspective of the family that there was a huge inconvenience or even destruction to the budget (loss of two incomes) for something not that serious, and when the high error rates of the some the tests came out, that added fuel to the fire that it is all just a hoax perpetuated by the news media. Add to that that the state unemployment / short-term disability compensation system collapsed under the weight of all of this, and some people didn’t get benefits they were entitled to until six months after their applications.

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  4. aradaghast

    After a week of curfew between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., my observations are:
    – that this precipitates people to be all together, in the same places (transport: bus, metro, roads, highways … and shops), at the same time slots and
    – that makes long distance removals (for example: son and daughter) very difficult to live.

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  5. totally pointless trying to understand these people (because it’s not like they’re up for reasoned debate) but is this happening because overall the Western world has lived pretty much a charmed existence these past 50 years? I regularly (til this pandemic) felt grateful that i grew up and lived the majority on my life with no major disasters (in the uk) or wars and that the UK is relatively a safe and wealthy place to live. I wonder if because we have lived such easy lives, that a chunk of the population can not conceive of such change that a pandemic brings about it? thus their reaction is to stick their fingers in their ears and go ‘lalalalalalalala’? Lack of reasonable eductaion I think is part of the problem too, the inability to make reasoned debate/choices

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    1. Yes, I have thought that too. It reminds me of this little scene in the wonderful film “Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day” set right before WWII. There is this party and everyone goes outside to watch these fighter planes fly over. Everyone is excited except for Miss Pettigrew and Joe Blomfield who are old enough to remember the First World War. Miss Pettigrew says “They don’t remember the last one” and Mr Bomfield looks at her a little sadly and answers, “No, they don’t”

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  6. SO many points here i agree with. What infuriates me about the Covidiots is that their actions are helping to prolong the pandemic and all the restrictions against our precious freedoms. I have/had? a very good friend who is a Covid-denier (although I’ve lost touch with her this year). She attends hugging parties, freedom marches. I just wish she would get the virus (a bit) and I wonder how many in groups like hers do go down with it and how they deal with the realisation. Of course there have always been conspiracy-theories , alternative theories, but I agree that Trump ‘s alternative truths/ false news has done untold damage to common sense.

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    1. The infuriating thing is that when these deniers do get it, but don’t get really sick, they say, “What’s the fuss? It’s just like a little flu!”. That is true for them but not for so very many other people. A normal flu doesn’t fill up the hospitals like Covid does, that alone is a simple fact they should acknowledge.
      Trump has made lies go mainstream and that is some huge damage he’s done to the world.

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    2. Imo Trump primarily lost the election because he handled Covid in America atrociously and in that respect the greatest irony I see ! Deniers will be the first to skip the queue if they come down with it. They are narcissistic and only care about themselves. It’s not about you! It’s about protecting everyone in the general populous! It’s depressing if you really think about it.😢

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