While The Netherlands is heading into stricter lockdown, with an evening curfew proposed to start this weekend, I can’t help but still feel joy and it’s all due to a new president of the USA! I feel a huge amount of relief that the White House will have some decency again. For me, it began yesterday evening with the touching memorial for the 400.000 who passed away due to Covid-19…

I watch the inauguration ceremony and I feel I can breathe again after the four years of terror a Trump presidency gave us.

On a side note, the Biden-Obama bromance still lives…

… and I love this Kamala Harris and Barack Obama first bump picture.

Kamala Harris was sworn in…

… as was Joe Biden…

… and for the first time in a long time I can look to the future again with some hope. I thought I’d be blubbering tears but really, my heart is just skipping with joy. Biden called for unity and truth in his inauguration speech just now and it’s just such a relief to hear a little sense coming out of a US president’s mouth again, delivered with heart and warmth. A Joe Biden presidency doesn’t only mean a lot to America but also to the world and he seems to realize that as well, going by his speech. I hope Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will do well and above all, do good, as they intend to.

6 thoughts on “Relief!

  1. Servetus

    I was sobbing off and on, too.

    I just got up and it’s interesting — the whole mood on “Good Morning America” (big morning talkshow dad watches, like BBC Breakfast) has changed noticeably. Of course they always smile, but they too seem relieved.

    Now we see if Biden can channel FDR. I hope so!

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      1. Servetus

        my whole personal feed today is full of references to adrenaline hangovers, etc. On a basic level, even if it takes me a while to get there, it will be nice not to have the feeling that I constantly have to be checking the news.

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