Quarantine bedtimes

This quarantine thing has quite an impact on my daily rhythm. I find it difficult to get to bed before 1 or 2 am. Last night it was 2 am, or a little after. I’m a pretty sound sleeper and usually can fall asleep quickly but last night our black cat had decided to grace our bed again. She’d been sleeping curled up near Mr. Esther but as soon as I got into bed, she first decided to lay on top of my side, but that got hot for me, so I pushed her off. I then had to battle her for space on my pillow. She likes to lie on it too, particularly half on my head, which is not comfortable for me either. In the end, after about half an hour, she settled somewhere between Mr. Esther and I and I could finally fall asleep.

Then, this morning, after barely 5.5 hours of sleep, I got up again so that I could help my daughter get some food into her and give her some moral support before she went to school for two socially distanced exams (she has an exam week this week). She does really well in all subjects, except for math, and she was nervous, despite studying really hard for that on her own and also via video calls with friends. She’ll be getting extra help with math from school from next week onwards (we had asked for extra help some 7 or 8 weeks ago as Mr Esther and I are pretty useless with math) but for this exam that help comes too late. Anyway, I figured the least I could do was give her that little bit of extra support this morning, so that meant waking up some 45 minutes before I normally do. When she left I was still tired, so I decided I could just lie down again for another 25 minutes or so before I took a quick shower and started work at 9. Of course, I fell right back asleep and didn’t wake again till 9.30! I hastily got up, threw something on that looks halfway decent infront of a webcam, did a quick brush of the hair, put on a dusting of mascara and then got to my laptop to prepare for my first meeting which was at 10 am. Luckily, there wasn’t too much to prepare.

So, here I am, unshowered and tired. Luckily no more video meetings today, just some chores to do on the computer that aren’t time sensitive, so I took a little time eat a late lunch and now to blog. I’m wearing the Pride & Prejudice green book cover earrings I got from Guylty and lunch was a slice of bread with a little butter and chocolate sprinkles. I look wrinkly, old and my hair is an unwashed mess, but I am happy with the earrings and sprinkles! They are the only things to really bring me joy so far today (and the news from mini-me just now that the exam seemed to go OK, we hope enough for a passing grade).

I really need to work on getting to bed sooner, though. Half an hour past midnight should be doable, right? And then get up at 8.30 am after 8 hours of sleep? And yet… Last night, Mr Esther went upstairs at 1 am and I said I’d be right there and before I knew it an hour had gone by! A little while ago during a video conference, my boss told me she pretends she needs to travel to work, so she gets up early and does her normal routine and that helps her be on time. I am not that disciplined, however, and I just can’t do that because in the back of my mind I keep on thinking it isn’t real anyhow so why bother?

I think it’s time these lockdowns ended and some sense of normality comes back into our lives. Only then will I be able to discipline myself for better bedtimes, I think. However, it will be a long while yet before normality returns. There are talks of possibly setting an evening and night curfew here and vaccinations don’t seem to be progressing that quickly either. I know I need to self-discipline but I’m so terrible at it… Am I alone in this or are you guys just as terrible as I am?

31 thoughts on “Quarantine bedtimes

    1. Thanks for this! I can quite relate to the sentence: “people who don’t have much control over their daytime life refuse to sleep early in order to regain some sense of freedom during late-night hours”. I do have some control but my daytime work life mostly doesn’t bring the fulfillment I seek, which then has me exploring the fulfillment in the evenings and results in me not wanting to go to bed.

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      1. Servetus

        The structural situation I think also contributes to the feeling of not controlling what’s going on. It’s hard to make plans about anything. For me, combined with the factors that are specific to our situation, it’s really hard to feel like I am exercising autonomy on very much.

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        1. True about the structural situation being beyond your control. Life is not what you’d like it to be and that is starting to frustrate. This is still the better option than going out and making everyone sick, but it still sucks.

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          1. Esther I would like to respond to that because I’m in a line of work that I cannot work from home so I do go out and a lot of people like postal workers, super market employees, doctors, first responders have to go out. It’s the people who don’t wear masks and don’t practice social distancing that are part of the problem


            1. Oh, please don’t see this as an attack on anyone that needs to go out! I go out as well for groceries and I visit my mom on occaision, my kids go out when they go to school or when my son visits his girlfriend. But we all do it socially distanced, wearing masks when we need to and when we can (which is most of the time) we stay around the house. I take issue with people not distancing or wearing masks when they should or when people who should work at home don’t or don’t try at least the minimum to contain this thing.


              1. Oh Esther I didn’t see it as an attack and I agree wholeheartedly with you that wearing masks and social distancing are the best solutions right now. I get nervous going to the store or post office like today with a long line and a man came in wearing no mask !
                I will say I miss traveling a lot though 😢😞

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          2. Servetus

            if this whole “more contagious variant” thing turns out to be true, it’s just going to get worse. Ah, well. Nothing I can do about it. (which is where this discussion started — snort!).

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            1. Yep. The English variant has already started taking root here, so while numbers have been going down again somewhat, experts still expect a big rise. More rules coming tomorrow at a press conference, I was just reading that measures will most probably last at least into April…. 😦

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  1. Lockdown has had the opposite effect on me. I used to go to bed late; never before midnight. These days hubs and I turn off the telly at 11pm and head to bed. Unfortunately our cat will scratch the door forever unless we get up at 6.30am to feed him, so it’s never a real lie-in, either. Meh. And I don’t even have to be ready for work at any particular time…
    And sprinkles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe, as you know, the sugar variation is my favourite, but I can totally see how the chocolate sprinkles spread some cheer at the beginning of the day.
    Good to know that the exam went ok for your daughter. It just feels really mean that she has to sit exams at the moment when everyone else is quarantining! Hope the other exams will go well, too!

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    1. Hope so too. Currently she is stressing out about studying for her Economics test.

      Wow, you sound quite structured. Maybe I should also go into freelancing and not needing to be ready at a certain time. I’ve been thinking that more and more recently.

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      1. Well, from my perspective I can definitely recommend freelancing. However, I have to say that I have been extremely lucky in my freelance endeavours. I started freelancing when I was made redundant by Yahoo in 2009. It was pure luck that the redundancy announcement came on exactly the same day that an ex-colleague asked me was I interested in writing for the publication she was now working at. Almost all of my following jobs came via word-of-mouth/recommendation, i.e. someone passing on my details to their colleagues or friends. Especially my London friend (also an ex-colleague from Yahoo) has been my greatest mentor. I got at least 6 clients through her (including my 3-year-top job with the London ad tech company) ; she basically found writing jobs for me in every company that she worked for; and she recommended me to her friends/colleagues. All this just to say that I was lucky that a steady stream of jobs kept coming to me. (Knock on wood.) Depending on the area you are working in, client acquisition is not necessarily that easy. And of course there is always the relative instability of a freelance job. Unless you have some kind of flat rate agreement with your clients, you may not know whether you have a job next month. However, especially if you have a partner with a steady income, that is easier to deal with.
        Sorry for the long comment – but in short, I can recommend freelancing, not least thanks to the flexibility it provides.

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        1. Thanks, Guylty! I’m not sure, with two kids still in school, I’m ready to let go of my steady income yet (and I’m not sure which direction I would want to go in anyhow) but it is something I am considering more and more precisely because of the flexibility you mention.

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  2. Esther I relish getting up for work? Fixing my hair, wearing nice clothes and commuting the 25 minutes. I despised lockdown the 6 weeks I was at home. It depressed me because I felt on most days like doing nothing and I gush about my friends because they and my family got me through that time.
    The earrings look fabulous and low maintenance look is the least stressful imo ❤️😁

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    1. Communting – I don’t like doing train and metro, it’s always so crowded in the mornings and afternoons when I travel. I like going by car better but there is no free parking where I work (and parking there is expensive) and then there’s the endless traffic jams on the overly crowded Dutch roads. So, I am quite glad not to have the commute and in theory that should leave me two extra hours in my days but somehow it doesn’t work that way and I sleep less than ever.

      I prefer no fuss dressing for myself. Yeah, I do mascara and wash/blowdry my hair and my clothes are alright but nothing special. At the laptop, if I wear a black top and the rest looks OK, I’m fine to not be dressed up more. 😁 I am reconsidering growing out my hair now, though, but have little choice in that at the moment as all hairdressers are closed.

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  3. As I have to go out to work then I have to go to bed early, it some mornings I’m sat there like a zombie with my tea until I suddenly have to rush ro get dressed and leave the house. The cat alarm never allows me to sleep in but on days off I get up feed the cats then get back into bed because the mornings are still dark and horribly cold. And one day off there isn’t much reason to get up.

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    1. Zombie mornings – yep, that’s me too, whether I commute to work or not, it’s my default morning setting until about 10 am or so. It was quite difficult battling that when the kids were small and I had to be “on” in the mornings and cheerful, otherwise there was no way we would even get out of the house OK.

      Our cat alarm isn’t too bad, they tend to wait relatively patiently. Sometimes they will go off and if it’s really early, I’ll mostly crawl back into bed again after feeding them. Good thing is that the kids will sometimes get up very early for school and they can do the morning feeding round. 🙂

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  4. I am exactly the same, minus the cat plus a snoring husband. I always intend to go to bed by midnight, but last night was more like 1:30 and then I couldn’t sleep. I fell deeply asleep when I should have been waking up — and dreamt about someone telling me what a mess my hair style was! What’s up with that?

    Good luck to your daughter. Hope she does well.

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  5. I’m feeling rather tired ( + toothache and cervicobrachial neuralgia) even if we are not on lockdown but “just” living with curfew at 6 PM. As almost everything is closed, husband is working from home (giving flute and singing lessons) and daughter try to motivate herself (she had exams too, at uni — socially distanced exams).
    Good news : my mum will be vaccinated very soon (she’s 75) but we all have to wait and it takes soooo long….

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    1. Sounds painful! I hope you feel better soon!

      In addition to our lockdown we may be getting a curfew here as well, will hear more about that tomorrow during a press conference.

      And that is good news about your mum! Here medical personnel and people in care homes (the elderly but also the handicapped) are getting their vaccines now, my mother is in the 70+ living at home category and will probably get her vaccine in February. I am in the low risk category, so I don’t expect to get my vaccine till May/June at the earliest but suspect it can take even longer… Sigh…

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    2. aradaghast

      Cervicobrachial neuralgia are the worst to sleep well through night.
      Hope you have good medecines.
      rest, rest, rest
      mentha piperita essential oil added with
      anti- inflammatory gel in fridge

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  6. Servetus

    I will add to this: I am forcing myself to go to bed now instead of staying up out of paranoia that the US administration will start a war before tomorrow morning. So there’s that bit of it, too — sort of a catastrophe-oriented FOMO. I decided the news about Bannon is enough for tonight.

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