Winter wonderland

It was snowing this afternoon, our first snow this winter. I love a winter wonderland, even if it is only a dusting of snow, as here in our back garden…

Had some chores to do but the afternoon became good when the mail came and finally, finally my winnings from the RA Christmas auctions arrived! It took close to 6 weeks to get here but that didn’t take away from the awesome Christmas decoration (thank you Rachel!), my lovely mini Pride & Prejudice brooch and earrings and a fun Christmas card (thank you, Guylty!) and some nice reading to look forward to on Jane Austen related subjects.

At the end of the afternoon, Mr Esther and I went for a nice little walk in the little bit of snow we had…

This evening, the house looked like this, still just enough snow there to make it look wintery…

Junior now has a friend over to play videogames with him in his room, while Mr Esther and I enjoy some wine and mini me has been enjoying some hot chocolate, with our cat trying to get to the whipped cream she still had in her cup.

We’ve just been watching Michael Palin on the BBC walking through the desert with a camel caravan in his travel programme Sahara from 2002 (very different from a winter wonderland!) and now some blogging before I put my nose into a either book or a movie. Some quarantine days are quite lovely.

17 thoughts on “Winter wonderland

    1. Yes, and today it is all completely gone! We basically have 8 months of fall weather here now, with milder, warm weather for a few months in the late spring to early autumn and a handful of snow/ice days thrown in in the winter. Mr Esther just announced, “Well, that may have been it for this year, our one day of winter.”

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      1. Servetus

        Some people would call that a win [laughs].

        We’ve had much less snow than usual this winter (20 inches less than normal). I worry what this means for the spring, and then for the growing season. I also worry about who’s gotten “our” snow. Wish I could fix it!

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    1. It’s weird that it would take longer for a package to cross the North Sea than to cross the Atlantic Ocean! But all complaints gone, I’m happy it’s finally here. I really love the earrings and brooch you made. My pierced ears are sensistive to hanging earrings (I can normally only wear studs), but these are so light I can wear them at least for a bit (like right now). 🙂

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      1. Aw, that’s lovely to know, Esther, that you are giving the earrings a try.
        The whole postal situation is just so completely random. Some letters and packages made it really swiftly to the continent, some took 5 weeks and more. Which is weird, considering that they all went into the post exactly the same time – remember my little video of the postman emptying the post box?

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        1. I do remember!

          The earrings were noticeable to the kids as well. One commented, “Are those new?” (and they have never commented on any of my studs before), the other commented, “Books as earrings are typical for nerdy you.” 🙂

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