Quarantine continues

We’re just about ten months into Corona quarantine now. We see a handful of other people/family (socially distanced) on occasion but most of all we’re in and around our home, for work and for most of our free time as well. We go for walks, like today, with the sheerest, thinnest sheet of ice on the water. Alas, it isn’t cold enough for the ice to become thick enough to stand on.

As we’re in quite a strict lockdown now, everything’s closed and there’s nothing much else to do outside the house than that. In all that time, I’ve only had my hair cut (a bit) once, so it’s grown quite long now, the longest it’s been since my early twenties, which means I can now even braid it again…

Vaccinations have started here this past week but it will be a while yet before it’s our turn. Mr Esther has asthma, so he may be called in for a vaccination first (just checked, they say from February) before the kids and I (from April/May). Already, they aren’t sure whether this schedule can be adhered to, it all depends on enough vaccines being available. The number of hospitalizations and positive tests here aren’t falling fast enough…


… so there is every chance this stricter lockdown will be extended after January 19th. We have quite a way to go yet, so I guess it’s just best to not look too far ahead. Speaking of the short term, what would really make my week next week would be if Donald Trump were indeed impeached and kicked out of office – not likely, but I live in hope.

13 thoughts on “Quarantine continues

  1. Esther he’s not going to the Inauguration!!! He’s banned from Twitter!!
    Hopefully the authorities will prosecute the invaders of the Capitol. Joe and Kamala will turn things around starting Jan 20!!
    I got my hair colored and high lighted today only second time since February last year but only because the grey was really prominent in the roots and I was freaking out. (Or more than I usually do)
    Great on the walks and family time together! ❤️❤️🤗

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    1. Yes, I heard about Twitter and other social media and the inauguration! Happy he won”t come to the inauguration but that also shows how un-peaceful he wants the transition to be…
      Nice that you got your hair done! Here hairdessers are closed so even if I wanted my hair cut I couldn’t yet.

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      1. Well the hair was looking beyond shabby and contributed to my glum mood so trying to do little pick me ups and stay upbeat!
        Pence is going but that’s ok in a way it adds to the legitimacy of the transfer of power IMO
        I hope Trump goes to Maralago and fades away ( wishful thinking I know!)

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  2. the isolation is definitely getting to me even though I’m going to work
    The UK government look as though they’re going to cock up the vaccination programme as much as they have track and trace and the lockdowns. Uk numbers reached 80,000 deaths today

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      1. i don’t know if you saw about how the UK are ignoring the manufacturers instructions and leaving a bigger gaps between the 2 injections with the Pzifer vaccine?
        will attempt to keep hanging in there! ditto to you! (enjoying playing with your hair styles!)

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          1. well that’s the thing! Pzifer put out a statement saying they don’t support the UK governments decision. Some people supporting saying at least more people will get first vaccine sooner. I wouldn’t go against manufacturers instructions!

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            1. No, indeed! And the numbers in the UK are through the roof, so you really can’t afford to just ‘try it out’. Ugh. I’m so sorry you have to deal with such incompetent leadership…

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  3. Servetus

    I hope you get the vaxx asap too!

    It’s good to have hope! I don’t think you’re going to get an impeachment (at least not before Jan 20 — it’s possible for them to impeach him after he’s out of office and in some ways I would prefer this just because if they play their cards right, it might forestall some of the inaugural violence that is apparently now being planned on social media. Oh yeah, and if he’s impeached he loses his whole severance package — pay, travel budget, Secret Service protection; although no matter what he will be a huge security risk for the US going forward). The US Justice Department is not pursuing charges against him at this point, either — although that may be because their leadership are his appointees. Then again, if there is further violence, the political temperature may rise again. (I have the impression things have calmed down a bit today.) So I’m limiting my hope to “no more insanity from the president before Jan 20” and “no violence on the part of crazed supporters.” Praying hard, in fact!

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    1. I’m in the lowest priority group… it’ll bd a while before I get my vaccine.

      Yes, I read about all the privileges being revoked if he gets impeached. For that alone I want it and if it happens after Jan 20th then so be it. And yes, I hope all stays relatively calm. Fingers crossed!

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  4. That’s my approach, too, Esther – I don’t look too far in the future; just as far as the current lockdown. Ours is due to end 31st January. But the numbers here are absolutely frightening. I really don’t want to think too much about it… Added to the health worries we are now also facing – unbelievably! – food shortages! That’s partly due to the cold winter which messes with domestic food production. But it is mainly caused by Ireland’s reliance on the UK, both for food sources, as well as supply routes. Brexit has messed everything up. Ah well, I don’t think we will starve. But it just goes to show how precarious everything is in this globalised world.
    Your hair – fantastic that you are back to braiding length! (Haven’t tried myself, but I think mine is, too. It certainly is long enough again to wear it in a bun that only is fastened with a chopstick.)
    Fingers crossed that Mr Esther gets the vaccination, soon. I worked out the other day that at the rate vaccinations are going in Ireland (40,000 per week), it is going to take 112 weeks for our small population of only 4.5 million people to be vaccinated. Myself and daughter won’t be eligible until 2022 then…

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    1. We’re just hearing that our lockdown will probably be extended another 3 weeks (official press conference on Tuesday).
      Yikes on the supplies running low! I hope they figure out how to deal soon.
      I hope it will not last till 2022 before you get your vaccine! Yeah, I have no idea how realistic the vaccine schedule here is… they want to have everyone done by September.


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