I shouldn’t be surprised…

…. but I’m in shock at what I am seeing in the US on the news right now! Republican senators opposing the constitution and refusing to certify the election results, Trump urging protesters to march on the Capitol and protesters actually breaching the building and marching inside!

Source CNN

Just now on the BBC a reporter said, “In another country, another continent, this would be a failed state.” The USA has become so very ugly under Donald Trump and I feel such dread… has US democracy died?

9 thoughts on “I shouldn’t be surprised…

  1. Servetus

    I read an article recently about what terrorism experts think Trump is doing — it’s called inciting “stochastic terrorism.” He says these suggestive things that cause one person to lose it — and then the tendency grows and grows. I think we saw the outcome today.

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    1. Yes, great news on Ossoff and Warnock winning the two democratic senate seats in Georgia!
      In the meantime, Donald continues to issue statements of love for those insurgents. The man is insane! 13 days is too long to still have him in power…

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      1. Servetus

        I think if it were just up to the Cabinet and Pence they might have invoked the 25th Amendment last night — but they need 67 Senators and 290 Reps to agree and they will never get to 290 Reps. (As we saw last night, 120 Reps voted in favor of the objection to Pennsylvania’s electoral votes). They would need 70 Reps to vote against their own party and even last night, on an issue that was basically decided before it even got to them, only 64 voted in support of the motion. Even after all of this they still think party is more important than country.


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