A ‘Never walk alone’ memory

Yesterday the news came that Gerry Marsden, from Gerry and the Pacemakers, had died. I’ve never been a huge Gerry and the Pacemakers fan but that one song Gerry sang, his most famous I think, does hold a very special memory for me.

At my wedding in July of 1999 we had a wonderful evening party (yes, let’s party like it’s 1999!) and my mother had requested as a surprise for us at the end that the song You’ll Never Walk Alone be played. She and my family handed out candles to everyone present and they all gathered around us as the DJ started playing that song. We were serenaded to in candlelight by our family and friends and it became a truly magical moment. It was a beautiful send off into our married life, feeling everyone’s love and support enveloping us. The digital pictures I have of that moment are a little grainy but they give a true impression of what it felt like for us.

So, when I see stadiums of people singing that song at a football match (it’s the anthem Liverpool football club prefers to use), I am always transported back to my wedding day and that same warm, happy and giddy feeling.

So, thank you for making this world a little bit better with this song, Gerry Marsden! May you rest in peace.

8 thoughts on “A ‘Never walk alone’ memory

  1. What a magical loving moment. I love ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ (we call it ‘You’ll Never Wear Cologne’ in our household). I discovered it as a child on a history of pop LP (presumable they couldn’t get the Beatles). My father was disparaging of it, saying it was a football song, but that doesn’t diminish it. Gerry M’s version still gives me goose-pimples.

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    1. LOL on the cologne title! Here in The Netherlands it’s also sung (well) by a Dutch singer called Lee Towers and used by Feyenoord (a Rotterdam football club) but I like Gerry’s voice better.

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