Back to real (virtual) life

Christmas holidays are over and we’re all back to work in our virtual real life worlds. Mr. Esther is working online in his study upstairs, Junior had online classes in his attic room until 2 pm and now (between 3 pm and 6 pm) he is at his part time job in a DIY store. He normally works at the cash register there (behind a plastic screen) but due to Corona restrictions, the store is only open for pickups of online orders. So, the last two times he went in to work he had to do other jobs (masked), like cleaning shelves and re-stocking merchandise.

I’ve just finished my first working day (which was OK), here at the dining table, and mini-me has been doing her online classes opposite me as her desk in her bedroom is too narrow to accommodate all the materials she needs. I went up to her room for an online meeting for a bit, but otherwise our working station today is looking like this (mini-me has started studying for exams that will be happening in two weeks).

School from home for the kids will be happening for at least the coming two weeks but as the Covid 19 cases aren’t going down fast enough here, I suspect those measures may be prolonged.

Two weeks of holidays have just flown by. We’re all not quite ready for all this real life, virtual, stuff again and each one if us looks a bit pale and tired today because our bodies are still on holiday clocks instead of work/school clocks. We all really need to make sure we get to bed earlier tonight than we did last night. All four of us are night owls, so wish us luck!

13 thoughts on “Back to real (virtual) life

  1. Fingers crossed for a longer sleep then! 🀞🀞
    My daughter’s online classes started today, our son is preparing for 2 exams on Thursday but luckily my husband and I have one more day off tomorrow. Then it’ll be 4 at home at their desks again… And I know the trouble with the lack of space plus a lack of wifi under our roof where I have my desk. Which is why I work from the dining-room table. Which isn’t always perfect… We’ll get throufh this winter somehow, won’t we? “We shall endure this..”, like Sonya tends to say… (her soliloquy is really apt under these circumstances).

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  2. Servetus

    It’s a testament to the success of your family life that you can all hack being together so constantly for long periods of time. I’m back to teaching today, too, in a short course online.

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    1. I was replying to comments here while in a boring meeting that was partially not relevant to me, so going back, only now do I see that you are back to teaching again. Hope it goes well!

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