Tea time

This time the Mach’ Was (Do Something) challenge is to do something with tea. I have little inspiration and time (as I want to get back to reading) to do anything original with this topic, but I couldn’t let the challenge go by without making my love for tea known. I don’t drink coffee, have never liked coffee and doubt I ever will. For me it is tea all the way.

I drink tea every day, either a lot during the day in big mugs when I work or after work in the evenings…

I drink tea on holidays, especially when I’m in England. I had tea at Althorp, Princess Diana’s ancestral home…

… and tea and scones in York, Colchester, at the Victoria and Albert museum and once at the chique St Pancras Renaissance hotel in London with my brother and in many more places…

I like herbal teas best and have three kinds of tea I like to drink most. There’s a tea of 20 herbs with small soluble kernels you pour hot water over that I love to drink daily or there’s my other favourite, Rooibos (‘redbush’) tea from South Africa.

Unlike the English, I never drink my tea with milk and hardly ever with sugar, unless it’s my husband’s favourite Early Grey tea, with that I do want a little sugar. The only exception to tea with milk is when I drink my beloved chai tea latte. Here in the Netherlands I drink it at Starbucks but I like the English Costa version better or the chai tea latte I had with Linda in Tynemouth near Newcastle the day after meeting Richard Armitage at the Newcastle Film Festival in 2018.

I really love my daily cups of tea…

In fact, I think I’ll go and enjoy one now.

20 thoughts on “Tea time

  1. Esther I learned to appreciate tea in September 2019 when Rachel took me to The Wolsley for afternoon tea. It was fabulous and then we had afternoon tea in early March last year in Edinburgh
    I’m a coffee drinker usually but I’ve come to appreciate the medicinal effects of Yorkshire tea which both Rachel and Jane have gifted me and Irish Black creme tea which Guylty gifted me in 2019 ❤️

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    1. I often wish I liked coffee, I try different kinds from time to time but alas… Mr Esther likes black teas (and coffee), I’m more of a herbal tea drinker, although I do drink black as well. Glad you’ve learned to appreciate some tea as well.

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      1. Esther for me I loved dressing up and the whole experience both times. Definitely want to do it again 🤗❤️
        I find tea very calming and the Yorkshire teas have really been a godsend with my sinus headaches and migraines of late.

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  3. Servetus

    I love the whole ritual aspect of tea, as well — in East Frisia particularly; that’s the only context in which I put a dairy product in my tea. And Devonshire cream tea — I learned about that on a conference trip to Exeter once. There are so many great ways to drink tea.

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    1. LOL! Thank you! Actually, the first chai tea latte I ever had was in NYC. Two friends were taking me to Starbucks (which hadn’t come to my neck of the woods yet) because they wanted coffee and told me there was also tea. My friend K suggested I try the chai tea latte as that was what her husband liked to drink sometimes at Starbucks and I never looked back since. I can even tell you which Starbucks that was – on 7th Ave near West 23rd street where our hotel was (just looked it up on Google Maps for the right street numbers).


      1. Servetus

        IMO Starbucks has really back off on its tea game. I think that was the place where I tried matcha the first time and they don’t have it anymore. I’ve never really gotten into chai — haven’t found the version that turns me on, yet.

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  4. I never used to drink hot drinks until my late 20s. Now I can’t go a day without a few cups of tea. Jasmine or green tea to wake me up and same throughout the day. I stop with caffinated tea at 3pm and then its all the various herbal sorts like lemon and ginger. Don’t drink tea with milk as a wee bit lactose intolerant . Also love an afternoon or high tea.

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