Happy 2021!

A mixed start to 2021 here. Yesterday, on New Year’s Day, I woke up with an awful headache and felt bad (and slept) for most of the day. Not a good start to the new year.

Today was a different story. I was feeling fine again, did a few small chores. The kids were doing their own thing, so Mr. Esther and I went for a nice lengthy walk on our own in our town. We’re back at home now, with some Glühwein (warm mulled wine), a fire on in the fireplace and classical radio playing in the background. I’m curled up in our big armchair, underneath a cosy red blanket, my cat is lying on me and I’m reading (shortly interrupted by writing this post).

The beginning of this new year is not so bad after all… Here’s hoping that 2021 will be a good year! Happy new year, everyone. 😊

26 thoughts on “Happy 2021!

  1. Esther me too yesterday awful migraine slept all day except wonderful what’s app call early with a dear friend. Today doing chores and some Pinot Noir tonight no
    Gluhwein but will look into that in the future 😉❤️
    Glad you are feeling better
    Happy reading too !

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  2. aradaghast

    Le chat ne s’y trompe pas, il fait meilleur à l’intérieur, dans la pièce la plus chaude. Profitez bien de cette période de “Trêve des confiseurs”.

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  3. A big happy new year to you, Esther. Sorry to hear the year initially started with a headache. But glad to hear it resolved itself. (It’s really awful these days, though – every cough, every headache, every sniffle gives rise to worry. *sigh* I really want the careless happiness back…)

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    1. Yep, that’s the first question that pops up: is it Corona? Despite the few visits we did do over Christmas, no one has been ill and we’ve been quarantining, so I’d wonder how I’d even get it… but it doesn’t seem to be that, just a one day thing. It felt like what a migraine is said to feel like. Or maybe the two glasses of cheap champagne I had at midnight did a number on me (although that has never happened before). Whatever it was, thankfully it was gone the next day. Yes, I want the carelessness back too… sigh…
      Wishing you a big happy new year as well!

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      1. Servetus

        Honestly this was my first thought — you got a bad batch of alcohol. I know you’re accustomed to alcohol but it’s so easy to get a chemical you’re not expecting, particularly in the stuff people drink at holidays. Also, many people have told me (and I observed with my father, and am starting to experience myself) that one’s reaction to alcohol changes with age.

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