Goodbye 2020

Ending this endless downer of year on a good note with watching Uncle Vanya again on BBC Four last night…

As I’ve already seen this twice in the theatre and once in the cinema not long ago, I admit to now and again simultaneously also reading on my new e-reader that I’ve fallen in love with. I’m reading the Bridgerton series right now and late last night finished book 3, book 4 is up next.

I did record Uncle Vanya so that I can view it again and again if I choose to. 🙂

I’m not feeling particularly reflective today, so just looking ahead to the new year and a promise for better times. We’re ready here for the evening with the traditional Dutch ‘oliebollen‘ and ‘appelbeignets‘…

I hope you all have a nice New Year’s Eve!

22 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020

  1. Happy new year to you, Esther.
    Oh, the bollen!!!!!!!!!! That reminds me I have forgotten to buy donuts. Meh. Will I run out to the shop for a last minute donut pick up? 😉
    Thank you for your frequent posts in the last while. I have read them all, even though I was somehow in lazy mode and did very little commenting. But I have very much enjoyed the glimpses into Dutch lockdown and S___ family life.
    All the best for 2021 – guten Rutsch – and here’s hoping for a return to more freedom so that maybe one day we will finally meet 🙂

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    1. Thanks for being such a loyal reader. 😊
      Btw, I’m still waiting on my auction package from Ireland, the post is wacko this year. I had hoped to write a blog post on the items I’d won, guess that will have to wait until the new year.
      Guten Rutsch to you and yours as well! And yes, I hope 2021 will bring an in-person meeting. 🙂


      1. “Wacko” is such an apt description. Not just of the postal chaos, but of the year as a whole. But yes, it is hugely worrying that some packages have still not shown up. I have to dig up my postal receipt and check for the tracking numbers… I haven’t given up hope yet, as some packages seemed to vanish and then turn up regardless. Here’s hoping for the best.

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  2. Happy New Year, hopefully most people are being sensible and staying in and away from others! Tbh, i’ve never been a big fan of the fuss over New Years, have very rarely gone out even when I was in my 20s (went to Trafalgar Square once with a couple German au pairs I was friends with, that was a hideous mistake-crowded and full of arse grabbersl). The only one I enjoyed out was 1999 to enter the Millennium-i lived near London Bridge and a few of us went out to try and see the fireworks on the Thames. So i’m basically at home as usual, maybe will have a drink and watch a comedy political program called The Last Leg to see in the New Year. Enjoy and take care x

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    1. I don’t do big parties, but I do like to go out and see fireworks and we always have a little bit of fuss at home with our oliebollen, appelbeignets, some (cheap) champagne and sparklers.
      Hope you had a nice evening!

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  3. Servetus

    I haven’t done a festive NYE at least since moving back to Wisconsin. We are doing the Wisconsin German 1940s NYE meal: herring, shrimp cocktail, and salmon with cheese, crackers, and various sausages and dips. I think I’m also going to make a baked Brie and possibly serve a burrata on arugula, although I will have to eat it all myself. I wouldn’t mind a “Berliner,” but I’ll wait until the 2nd, probably.

    Happy New Year!

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  4. Happy New Year Esther as it truly is 2021 by you now!
    Thank you for your honesty, humor, inside glimpse at family life and always majestic pictures. It was an absolute thrill to meet you and Jane and Anne in February truly a fabulous experience for me as this fandom has really brought me happiness in the form of friendships (my travel buddy has been such a gem to find)
    May 2021 bring you much happiness and prosperity in your family life and professional side ❤️❤️❤️

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