17 years ago today…

…at 3.23 pm on a Friday afternoon, this treasure of a human being was born and enriched our lives. She’s about an hour young in this picture…

This tiny human being…

… has become so tall and grown up!

She’s had to deal with some tough issues already in her young life but has come out the stronger, knowing her mind and her heart better than I did at her age. I have loved seeing her develop into the young lady she now is – spunky, quick-witted, smart, with a big sense of humour and a soft heart. I’m curious to find out what she will yet become and I’m so happy to be her mama. Happy birthday, my dearest daughter!

12 thoughts on “17 years ago today…

  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. And as always, I like to congratulate the mother, too. It was *your* labour (literally) in the first place that created her – and then you made her a lovely young woman with years of care and lashings of love. That also is worthy of celebrating! All the best to both of you!

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  2. aradaghast

    Have a nice WE to spend together and to wish her a happy birthday. Be proud of your “progéniture”.
    Daughter was 22 years old last Thursday (17 december). We hope to be able to be together as soon as possible…. on Chritsmas day. BUT NO HUGS this year,
    New pictures advices for family XMAS fest and shops customers came a few days ago. They are great in orange colored. I hope people will follow them.

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