Richard Armitage Audible Q&A

Three blog posts in one day must be a record for me! Although, the first one I posted this morning was written last night but not posted until today. Anyway, sorry for spamming and here I am again, this time with a Richard Armitage Q&A video by Audible. I don’t follow Audible, I don’t do audiobooks but I did know through other fans that this was coming and I was online when I saw a message say that this was actually happening. Audible has announced Q&A’s before that never happened but this time it was thankfully different and I watched it (almost) live. Richard was looking fine…

…and the interview was nice. I always enjoy listening to and watching Richard speak about his work. He talked about producing again and that there are plans for him to play a character that he’s narrated before. He told a nice little story about his mum playing in Agatha Christie’s garden and how he’s quarantining now so that he can see his dad for Christmas. He said more stuff, but it’s been a long day and I’m a little tired, so I can’t remember it all right now off the top of my head. Instead of a recap, here are a few screenshots I took…

You can see the whole video HERE. If you right click on the the video itself, you can even save a copy of it to your own computer. Have fun looking at and listening to Richard speak for about half an hour. πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Richard Armitage Audible Q&A

  1. i’m not imagining that he said he’s not read sci-fi? or was he being polite because the sci-fi he’s read has been for Big Finish?
    otherwise a very nice interview, his reactions were lovely and interesting (he looked quite sad after talking about this xmas being a bit quiet ‘talking to friends on zoom’)

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    1. He did say that about no sci-fi! That War of the Worlds thing for Big Finish is one of the few Richard voicework things I have completely listened to (and enjoyed!). And yeah, guess he’s feeling the loneliness of this Christmas as well…

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    1. Teuchter

      That would be fantastic! Especially if he indeed played the part of Dr. Gray! I have been listening to this audio book over and over. For some reason it’s something that helps me relax and get to sleep, I haven’t been sleeping well lately but it seems to do the trick!! I slow down the narration speed slightly which lowers his voice a little….and it also adds to the listening pleasure! I always imagine him as Dr. Gray as i listen to him read/perform so to hear him say that was amazing!

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    2. Yeah, that Coben as the next Christie thing was sweet towards his friend Coben but not actually how I think most people would see it…
      Not sure about which characters he wants to adapt. My first thought was DI Jackman, but he said two characters, so maybe the Jane Austen Book Club as well? I still mean to read that one (actually read, can’t do the listening).


  2. Mezz

    I love this interview, I couldn’t take my eyes off him either! I was happy to hear that he would like to play Dr Gray and Dr Gregory. I seem to always have him in my mind when I listen to an audiobook that has a character with whom he fits. I’ve just finished listening to Bedlam and pictured him as Alexander Gregory, just as I did with Dr Gray in The Jane Austen Society. Richard in those two roles along with Rowan Jackman and I would be in heaven!

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