Strict lockdown & Christmas

The Netherlands is going into a strict lockdown again to bring down Covid-19 cases that have been re-surging due to en masse Christmas shopping and people not adhering as strictly to the semi-lockdown restrictions that were already in place. Schools are closing as of tomorrow, non-essential shops are closing, restaurants were already closed and hotels aren’t allowed to provide any room service or restaurant services anymore, no more than 2 visitors allowed in your household (and 3 for Christmas), no more group gatherings, no travel abroad, and theatres, cinemas, museums and public buildings will be closed. All these measures will be in effect for five weeks, until January 19th. Does this mean…

Well, Christmas isn’t exactly called off but it’s certainly going to be a bit of a lonely Christmas this year. With three visitors allowed, we will be able to invite my in laws over if we are all healthy and socially distanced and we will be able to visit my mother another day and that’ll be it. No large Christmas gathering with the family on my side like we usually have, no going away for a few days during the Christmas holidays and no nice outings like to Christmas markets (which have already been cancelled). I am and will be really missing all that! So, let me wallow a bit in music.

“It’ll be lonely this Christmas, without you to hold…”

“It’s gonna be a cold, cold Christmas without you […] it’s gonna be a long and lonely Christmas without you, missing you my darling in oh so many ways…”

“I’ll have a blue Christmas without you, I’ll be so blue just thinking about you; decorations of red on a green Christmas tree, won’t be the same, if you’re not here with me…”

“Nobody ought to be all alone on Christmas…”

Let’s just hope for better days: “Cause I don’t need boxes wrapped in strings, and designer love and empty things, just a chance that maybe we’ll find better days…”

Yes, I know this lockdown sucks but it really is for the greater good and I hope it can save many lives and spare our healthcare workers from the horrors of this past spring. One somewhat more lonely Christmas, even if disheartening, seems to be a reasonable price to pay for that…

41 thoughts on “Strict lockdown & Christmas

    1. I’m saving the Bowie for Christmas itself. πŸ™‚
      It’ll be extra difficult for you to this year so I’m glad you’ll have some people around virtually, and the pups too, of course! (((hugs)))

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      1. Yeah even if last week didn’t happen Cmas without going to Texas to see my folks and sister is really hard. I really love the holidays and well it’s hard not to shop for my mum this year or ever more.
        My mini real tree is up now too

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        1. Already written and sitting in my scheduled posts (one of the the very very few things I have ever written ahead of time) but it’s really short and not that special, so don’t expect too much. πŸ™‚

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  1. aradaghast

    So sad! I hope it would help. But we have to find something to cheer us up, nervous breakdown are numerous all over the population.
    I wish your all family a nice Xmas.

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  2. I am sorry for you that the Netherlands have gone into lockdown, spoiling the usual Christmas treats – although it is sensible measure, unlike ours in the UK. Great songs selection, particularly Elvis. Miserable Christmas songs are a curious phenomenon, and seem to say “I’m going to bring you down because I”m not having fun!” but I love them. My favourite of this type is The Pretenders’ 2000 Miles.

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        1. Servetus

          Someone joked once that there should be memes about people in their 50s sitting in cafΓ©s with laptops and fancy coffee, with headphones listening to Sufjan Stevens and sobbing. There’s a whole album of this stuff; I think he had an abusively hyperreligious childhood.

          But now that the topic has come up, of course I am seeing sad Xmas music everywhere (I mostly ignore it except for the stuff that’s so obnoxious that I can’t). This is a new one:

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  3. Welcome to “the club”, Esther… 😘 We are still pondering how to arrange our visits at my mother’s. I’ll also miss gatheting with my brothers’ families which we usually did at my mother’s house. But needs must obviously! Let’s hope it’ll help. I doubt we’ll be able to reopen here as early as planned on 10th January…
    Have some joyful holidays in spite of it all!
    I love tje Pretenders’ ‘2000 miles’! Might stick with me for the rest of the day! Thank you! X

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    1. I have several siblings that want to go see my mother, so we still need to figure out the logistics of that as well… It’ll be a strange Christmas. Hope yours will be joyful too.
      The Pretenders was Armidreamer’s idea, but yeah, it’s stuck in my head now as well. πŸ™‚

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  4. That’s a bit of a different Christmas playlist – not the usual Wham and Slade and all the other bangers that you just can’t get away from :-). Nice.
    Sorry to hear that a hard lockdown has now been imposed in the Netherlands, too. It’ll be a very different Christmas. Let’s hope that it will be effective!

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          1. I still quite like that Mariah Carey song but the chipmunks singing… noooo! I don’t know this particular song but there was a time when my kids were younger, my daughter would love all these well-known pop songs sung in a chipmunk version. She used to have a whole CD! I could have forbidden it had I not believed in my kids developing their own tastes… luckily that phase didn’t last too long.

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            1. Servetus

              Yeah, it’s horrible! Worse than “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,” even. Or a local favorite that I absolutely despise, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.”

              I was out running and errands and Wisconsin Public Radio was running a segment on downer Christmas songs. They came up with

              John Denver, “Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk this Christmas”
              Commander Cody, “Daddy’s Drinking Up All Our Christmas”
              Everly Brothers, “Christmas Eve Can Kill You”

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            1. Yeah, it is overplayed but this xmas song is still the only Mariah Carey song that I can stand. For Wham it’s the other way around – I never was a Wham fan and I can’t bear Last Christmas anymore but some of their other songs I do still find quite nice to listen to on occasion.

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