Gearing up for the holidays

Mr Esther has participated in a customer panel this past year and at the beginning of December he received an e-mail which said he would receive a free Christmas tree this year as a thank you! The tree was supposed to be delivered this past week but it’s Saturday afternoon now and we still haven’t seen it. So, in the Esther household it doesn’t really feel like Christmas yet, despite a poinsettia and a few twinkle lights in the winow.

I visited my mother today (socially distanced) and her house already feels like Christmas!

Her cute cat is fine with it too…

My sister has sent her a lot of sufganiyot for Hanukkah and as she had some leftover she gave some to me to enjoy together with Mr Esther this afternoon…

A Christmas package arrived from work when I got home…

So, everything around me is really gearing up for the holidays! It’s only in my house that the festive mood hasn’t really arrived yet. Mr Esther hasn’t been able to reach the company to ask when we can finally expect our tree so now we’re wondering whether we should just give up on that free tree and go out to get our own. Last year we weren’t really into the Christmas mood and we only bought a little tree with roots that we hoped we could use again. Alas, we can’t re-use that tree while we wait for the other one as that little tree didn’t survive after we put it out in our garden. This year I do want more Christmas in our house! I figure that with the downer of a year we’ve all just had, we deserve some extra festivity and I’m frustrated that we don’t have a tree yet. Fingers crossed that it will come very soon (or maybe we’ll just go and buy one anyway tomorrow).

11 thoughts on “Gearing up for the holidays

  1. Those lights along the window are really nice! And I like your mother’s tree, too. I’ve always shied away from the real trees. I just don’t want to have to deal with the needles falling. I’m happy with the artificial one, so long as it looks fairly realistic.

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    1. Servetus

      I bet I have had this discussion five times in the last few days: “I can’t deal with the mess this year.” I wonder if it’s a change of life thing, or it relates to the face that we’re all spending so much time at home.

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        1. Servetus

          I guess Obscura is putting all her doc on her front porch. (Maybe she’s hoping it will blow away on the 26th.) One table tree in the house and that’s it.


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