The volunteering bug

Guylty has announced the amazing result of the Richard Armitage December fundraiser HERE – 1726,08 Euros, or 1552,82 Pounds Sterling, or 2090,27 US Dollars is an amazing result! The amount has already been transferred…

… and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result (!!) and having been able to play a small part in it as well by donating a few items crafted with Armitage photos. I hope everyone will receive their purchased/won items soon.

I guess I’ve been bitten by a volunteering bug where instead of photo-crafting for Armitage fans I’ll soon be donating my time for refugees by helping out at the Council for Refugees here in The Netherlands. In recent weeks I’ve already tagged along to get a taste of the work that I’d be doing (socially distanced with masks and plastic screens between workers and clients) and I’ve gone to a socially distanced introductory admin training morning at the office I’ll be working from. This afternoon there was a general introduction course via Zoom that I participated in…

I’m really looking forward to starting this work and I hope I’ll like it as much as I think I will. It feels good to take action, step out of my own world of family and work and try to help others who aren’t as lucky and privileged as I am. As I once mentioned here before, my day job doesn’t give me the satisfaction and enjoyment I crave, so maybe this can make me happier and maybe in time it can even open a few other doors as well if I like it? We’ll see. For now, volunteering as a social counselor for refugees is a great first step for me.

6 thoughts on “The volunteering bug

  1. Wonderful news, Esther. Well done for actually getting moving on the volunteering idea. Such a great cause, too. I am sure it’s going to be really rewarding – working with *real* people, making a huge difference for them by helping them settling in.
    And many thanks for all your support in the fundraiser – donating items and postage, as well as your reblogging and signal-boosting on your blog. Much more appreciated than the words “thank you” can ever convey! 😘

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