Probably no Harry this Xmas

There’s some Dibley love happening over on Twitter between Dawn French and Richard Armitage that has me smiling.

It got my hopes up for a few moments for a Harry Kennedy re-appearance this Christmas, but then I checked the BBC listing for The Vicar of Dibley in Lockdown (which starts on BBC One on Monday evening) and there is no mention of Richard in the cast lists for the episodes listed. Of course, he could be a surprise, but I doubt it. So, I’ll just make do with the memory of this…

… whilst I enjoy the upcoming Dibley lockdown episodes. I mean, I already loved The Vicar of Dibley before there ever was a thought of Richard as Harry, and I am curious to see these new mini-episodes. I’ll just miss Harry.

There still is some Richard to look forward to this December: Uncle Vanya will come to BBC Four on December 30th. Mr Esther and I pay extra subscription fees here in The Netherlands to be able to receive BBC Four, so I am lucky I will at least have that…

7 thoughts on “Probably no Harry this Xmas

  1. Esther you are doubly lucky with VOD and UV on BBC Four so I will look to your reviews then as here no such luck 😒😒
    I will rejoice that I got a Harry snow bauble made by our fabulous Jane coming to me along with green Richie magnet 😘❀️

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    1. Well, I did Vanya already, so not sure I’ll have much more to say on that. I hope The Vicar of Dibley can inspire a post but I give no guarantees. I may even miss the first episode tomorrow evening, as I have other plans and may not be able to sit down for it on time… We’ll see. πŸ™‚


    1. Yes, I do know you’re not a Harry fan, more Harry for me, then. πŸ˜‰ I also saw that Yorkshire newspaper article but they mentioned so many cast members there, it seems more about mentions rather than appearances. Only James Fleet as Hugo is guaranteed. Harry also gets a mention in the longer episode 3 description but again I don’t think there will be an actual sighting of the elusive Harry. I hope I’m wrong.


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