David Bowie in space again

What else is new, you might think? Ever since 1969’s Space Oddity

… space and Bowie have always gone together. His early 1970s alter ego Ziggy Stardust was a Starman

Bowie has wondered about Life on Mars

And Major Tom’s journey (from Space Oddity) was continued in Ashes to Ashes

1995’s Hallo Spaceboy continued the theme, here in the more famous Pet Shop Boys remix…

… but also electric as a rock version with the Foo Fighters…

Anyway, getting carried away here and that is all due to the little news blurb I read this morning about the Royal Mint in the UK making a David Bowie coin…

… and that coin has been sent on a little trip into space! The article (HERE) even features a little video of that. After all the disasters happening since Bowie passed away, almost 5 years ago now (what, that long already?!?), I always keep thinking of this Paul Bettany tweet from mid 2016 after the Brexit referendum…

Maybe a Bowie coin in space will bring equilibrium into the world? Superstition, I know, but with a no deal Brexit looming, a crazy man in the White House destroying what he can before he leaves office and a raging pandemic, maybe Bowie can help make things better from space.

4 thoughts on “David Bowie in space again

  1. do you follow his son Duncan Jones on twitter? he’s very amusing and there are sweet little peeks into memories of his Dad quite often. I loves Jones film Moon with Sam Rockwell-think that might be a xmas rewatch!

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