The Fixed-Price Sale Is Live #2020DecemberFundRAiser

And there’s more Richard Armitage December fundraiser fun to benefit the LOROS hospice, this time with low-priced items. Happy ogling and shopping!

Guylty Pleasure

Here we go!

The brand new, all-singing, all-dancing fixed-price sale as part of our fundraiser efforts is now live.

Complementing our charity auctions, the fixed-price sale is an effort to offer lower-priced items for sale and that way allow all budgets to participate in this fundraising effort. Before I give you an overview over the items on offer in this very first attempt at a charity sale, let me first express my thanks to all supporters of this sale. It would not have been possible without donations of items that were (mostly) hand-made in multiples, thus allowing us to offer enough items for no fan to be disappointed.

My thanks go to the crafty and inventive donors of items, in alphabetical order: Aninomori, Armidreamer, Esther, Kate and Rachel. (I have also contributed some items.) The creativity of these ladies knows no boundaries, and thus we have an array of wonderful…

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