RA characters playing cards

Every year for Christmas I make calendars for the next year and gift them to my mother and siblings and aunt. The calendar always contains photos of the family during the past year and as I am now on the mailing lists of the companies that produce these calendars, I also get to see deals for other gift items with photographs. It was in one such a marketing e-mail that I saw an ad for playing cards about two months ago and I suddenly had a flashback to the beginning of the first episode of Strike Back when military forces are given playing cards of known terrorists so that they can be recognized when the soldiers come across them.

I thought, “ooh, now wouldn’t it be nice to have Richard Armitage playing cards instead of Iraqi terrosists playing cards?” Yeah, too much work I figured and let the idea go. The thought wouldn’t leave my mind, however, and so one evening I found myself looking at Richard Armitage images, starting to think about which ones would be nice for the cards. I decided on selecting images of some well known characters Richard had played from pictures that I’d been saving to my computer over the years. Then, without too much thought, I assigned numbers to characters.

2 – Francis Dolarhyde7 – Lucas NorthQ – Harry Kennedy
3 – Adam Price8 – Guy of GisborneK – John Thornton
4 – John Standring9 – John PorterA – Thorin Oakenshield
5 – Claude Monet10 – Dr. AstrovJoker – RA Meow
6 – Daniel MillerJ – John Proctor

I dragged the pictures one by one into their correct card positions within the online card making software, I compiled a word cloud online of Armitage characters for the back, and tada… this was the result…

In hindsight I should’ve assigned Thorin to the kings, I maybe should’ve used Claude Becker in there somewhere and the word cloud turned out a little blurry (the preview of the cards was so small, I hadn’t noticed it) but even so, I thought it had all turned out quite well! As I ordered, I figured all that work was a shame to just keep to myself, so I ordered extra for the next Richard Armitage charity auction, which is happening now.

So, I now have a deck of cards for myself that I’ve already used while playing with mini me one afternoon, and there’s another deck you, the reader, can own if you participate in Guylty’s December fundraiser. I was very happy with the quality of the playing cards when I received them, I hope the winner of the cards will also be. Check for an overview of other awesome items on offer on Guylty’s Ebay auction page or go to the card deck Ebay page directly to bid there. All proceeds go to LOROS, the Leicester hospice that nursed Margaret Armitage in her final days. In these difficult times, where fundraising has become even more difficult, they can use the extra help. If you are so inclined and have some funds to spare for charity, happy bidding!

14 thoughts on “RA characters playing cards

  1. Absolutely brilliant piece of fan art. And even more brilliant that you kindly donated one to the fundraiser. It’s smashing, and I am not surprised that it is barging ahead with the bids. Yay! (And thank you πŸ™)

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