#2020DecemberFundraiser Kick Off

The Richard Armitage December fundraiser to benefit the LOROS hospice has started with an auction up first! Happy ogling and bidding!

Guylty Pleasure

It’s the 1st of December – that means:

Fundraiser fun is starting today!

Running for the next three days to conclude on Thursday, 4th December, we are kicking off today with auctions over on eBay. A total of 18 individual auctions have been listed. More than I had thought – but with all those donations of items and hand-crafted gems coming in, I wanted to make a wide range of items available. Among them you will find “traditional” fan items such as DVDs or memorabilia, but also hand-crafted, one-off items that have been lovingly created by our fan sisters. My thanks go to this year’s auction contributors: Aninomori, Esther, Pamela, Zed Eff Eye, Kate, Besotted, Yve and Deirdre. (We have further contributors to the second leg of our fundraiser, the fixed-price sale from Thursday, who will be credited then.) This fundraiser would not be possible without you all. Thank you!

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