Back to Vanya and Harry too?

I just now finished watching a press conference on Dutch TV about new Covid 19 measures. Two weeks ago we went into a stricter lockdown and today, because the trends are carefully improving, a few things are opening again. We remain in a partial lockdown which, for instance, means that hotels and restaurants will remain closed, but cinemas are allowed to open again for now, with distancing measures in place. I was lucky enough to see Uncle Vanya twice on stage in London at the beginning of this year (here and here) but I’ve also been really curious to see the filmed version, which has been getting rave reviews. And so I immediately checked the only place I know in The Netherlands that had planned to show the filmed version of Uncle Vanya. Sure enough, tickets are available now, even though there aren’t too many. I immediately booked two tickets for Mr Esther and myself on November 29th…

It’s something to really look forward to! I hope the flattening of the Corona curve continues and the cinema will still be open in 12 days time.

In other Richard Armitage related news, Dawn French will be doing a little more of The Vicar of Dibley for Christmas. I doesn’t look like Richard will be there as Geraldine’s husband Harry…

… but I live in hope.

9 thoughts on “Back to Vanya and Harry too?

  1. Enjoy Vanya!
    Re VoD…guess we will have to wait and see? I felt better after Dawn French did the Red Nose Day skit as it was on her own to camera…whereas this will be actual episodes. Zed on twitter suggests he may appear via zoom…I like that idea!

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  2. I’m very happy for you and hubby to see UV on Nov 29
    Still nothing on my side of the pond
    Cannot believe if Richard could do VOD that he wouldn’t or wouldn’t make himself available in person 😢😢
    I’m still reminiscing about February and our SD experience ❤️❤️😁


    1. Well, we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes on VOD, so time will tell whether Richard makes an appearance or not. I live in hope but I really suspect it won’t happen.
      Yeah, excited to see it again and to share it with Mr Esther this time around.


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