Bad news, good news

I remember four years ago, when the whole world mourned the loss of Barack Obama and feared US fascism under Donald Trump, Democrats were told to suck it up and accept “the will of the people” in the 2016 US election. I even remember having a discussion on blog back then with a Republican who went on about the “will of the people” when Hillary Clinton held 3 million more popular votes. The electoral college system is what it is, however, and defeat was graciously accepted by Clinton, and Obama invited Trump to the White House for the beginning of the transition, as he should.

Yet now, with Biden leading the popular vote by 5 million and after having won the electoral college, the will of the people does not seem that important anymore to Republicans. Trump announced months ago that if he loses there’s fraud and if he wins there isn’t, which is ridiculous. And yep, he’s yelling ‘fraud’ now without any evidence and supported by his Republicans as well. Goodness, if the Democrats had been fraudulent, would they really have let all those Republican senators be re-elected? I know I shouldn’t be surprised with such an aggressive, un-democratic president, but I truly can’t believe what I am seeing. The world is watching the erosion of democracy in what used to be a beacon of democracy and that is sad and frightening at the same time. Inauguration day for Joe Biden in January can’t come soon enough.

Luckily, it isn’t all terrible news, in my real life some nice things are happening. For one, Uncle Vanya will be coming to the Netherlands after all!

It’s scheduled for November 29th but ticket sales haven’t started yet as cinemas and theatres are closed here again due to the Corona measures. It’s not certain yet whether this really will happen or not on that date. The movie theatre is an hour away from where we live but Mr Esther and I do plan on going, if we can.

Also, today I had a video interview with someone at the Dutch Council for Refugees on doing some volunteer work there. Next week I go in, with social distancing measures in place, to take a look at what I could be doing and that makes me happy. So, with all the bad things, I also keep on trying to do this…

… and try not to get overwhelmed by news and midlife crisis stuff, and hope things will get better.

7 thoughts on “Bad news, good news

  1. “The world is watching the erosion of democracy” .. Its not an erosion of democracy, its a democracy stuck in the mud, trump mud, until it gets pulled free by the democratic tow truck….Time to throw out the trash and it cannot come soon enough my friend…We shall over come, have no fear….. #Peace

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  2. Servetus

    Technically, Trump also thought the 2016 election was rigged because of “millions of fake votes” or however he put that. He felt the fact that he didn’t win the popular vote at that time meant that the system was full of widespread corruption.

    Also good news: Q has apparently not spoken out since the election.

    I actually consumed media today that is not related to news. It’s been something like three weeks.

    I hope that you can go to UV and the interview you had bears fruit!

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  3. Esther Trump will be gone either voluntarily like please do not show up at Biden’s Day on Jan 20 or forcibly if he refuses to leave. I can only imagine Democrats have a plan in place to deal with Trump now that he has lost re election
    I had hoped UV would be coming to America but I guess not.
    I hope you and hubby get to go and make a nice date night out if it!
    Good luck on the volunteering job
    Sounds intriguing! ❤️👍

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