Moments of zen

It’s been quite a week with the US elections completely fraying my nerves. I wonder how Joe Biden can unite such an entrenched and divided America, where half the population live in an alternate conspiracy theory universe, making wild accusations and calling the president-elect and his wife unspeakable things, and where the other half doesn’t understand why the people take solace in that universe. Fear seems at the bottom of it all but how can the fear be taken away? How can that divide be bridged, I wonder? But I decided not to wonder too much about all that today; today was about getting some zen back into my life.

It was a beautiful day out, so Mr. Esther and I decided to go for a walk in the woods, about 40 minutes away from where we live. The kids wanted to stay home and chill, so it was just the two of us. The weather was dry and pleasant, perfect for an autumn walk in the woods, with lots of mushrooms to admire along the way.

It was lovely to take the time to really talk with each other without other distractions around. We sat on chopped logs for a while, taking in the quiet autumn atmosphere and when we walked, it was lovely to walk through the rustling autumn leaves. I wish we lived closer to those woods, it’s so good for relaxing your nerves and finding a few moments of zen.

44 thoughts on “Moments of zen

  1. Servetus

    I think it’s important to note that not every Trump voter is quite so dedicated to conspiracy theories as some of the ones we meet on the Internet. Maybe 10 percent of them have bought the whole package, and there are quite a few people who maybe agree with one of them. I don’t find that I usually agree with the worldviews of Trump voters but my disagreements are rarely on the level of things like whether Democrats politicians are pedophiles. Not to say some of those things won’t be hard — beliefs about covid transmission, for instance.

    I am having a similar feeling today of just wanting not to think about politics for a little while. Judging from the speed of news transmission in my feeds, the news media is feeling similar. Maybe we might hear something about news other than the election and covid now.

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    1. Yes, I do realize not every Trump voter is into conspiracy theories like that but I had just been reading something to that effect within the fandom and it got me really riled up.

      Anyway, back to zen mode now. 🙂

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        1. Yes, I seem to recall that from somewhere too and taught my kids that as well. In fact, we told them to never touch any mushrooms at all in the woods without a good manual telling you which are good and which aren’t. As we have never owned such a manual all wood mushrooms have always only been admired from afar. 🙂

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              1. suirrel.0072

                Unlike true girolles (Cantharellus cibarius), false girolles also called chanterelles or tube chanterelles or nickname “tubi” (Craterellus tubaeformis) have the particularity of resisting morning frosts at the beginning of winter. Because their body is poor in water.The corollary is that they can freeze and thaw several times in a row, while keeping their original appearance.This phenomenon is comparable to that which meat can undergo.It produces the same toxins. So be careful when “Winter is Coming”.

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              2. Servetus

                Yeah, I sometimes buy dried porcini but I’m craving the kind of mushroom dishes Germans eat, with fresh mushrooms. It’s okay. Someday it will happen again.

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              1. Servetus

                I think ten years without a visit to Germany are starting to weigh on me. I was crazy for chanterelles earlier this year and couldn’t find any in the woods at the farm. I looked into mail ordering them but they’re like $20 / pound.

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  2. gorgeous pictures, the wethaer was grim and misty today so I’ve been stuck indoors with a very grumpy OH

    and yeah, the whole QANON and pizzagate crap-it’s depressing how easily that stuff gets spread around the internet and believed

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    1. In truth, I worry that people can get so completely caught up in the lies and the bullshit that they actually believe them… There’s no reasoning with that, they get isolated and it only gets worse. Don’t know how to break through that and maybe we shouldn’t, if that’s their choice, leave them be and respect that. Trying to do that, in my attempted zen mode.

      Aw, you dedicated a Tweet to me. 🙂 Lovely pictures, thank you!
      900lbs apple picking? That sounds ambitious. What will you do with all of them?

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      1. Kate

        We dropped the apples off at a local fruit pressing company and will get juice in return.

        Regarding the conspiracy theories, I read an excellent comment by a political journalist the other day:

        “I don’t know how to have conversations with people who aren’t connected to reality. I’m sorry.”

        That really sums up the futility of these discussions to me.

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          1. Kate

            Why did WP not show me this comment? Another update, another disaster?

            It’s not that much, actually. My family own around 20 apple trees in various locations and that was from one of them. They’re on little meadows interspersed among the fields. Very common in my part of Germany. We call them Steuobstwiesen.

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              1. Kate

                Auch nicht schlecht. 🤣 New words are great. I love collecting them.

                They’re called Streuobstwiese because they are “strewn” about the countryside among the fields. Where I live, the dialect name for them is Baamebeitle (Bäumebeetchen)—roughly translates to a little patch of trees.


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