Dear America

I can only comment from an outside view but please, America, do what’s right today and vote for Biden/Harris!

Don Jr. tweeted this earlier (just sharing an image, don’t want to link to his delusional account)…

In what universe would the Trump family even think they had this much support around the world? I know it’s not a universe I live in because I know the Europeans would NOT vote for Trump (click on image below for source)…

In addition to those results in Europe, a Dutch newspaper recently reported that in my country, two thirds would vote for Joe Biden. In fact, in another European analysis only Russia would actually vote for Trump! That’s telling, no? So yeah, Donald Trump is not popular in Europe at all and even around the rest of the world he is generally viewed very negatively. The current president has very clearly diminished the US’s standing in the world, so it’s more than time for a change!

Along with the whole world, I am waiting with bated breath, watching this election, hoping fervently that a new president will be chosen. I don’t think I have ever in my life been as nervous for a US election outcome as I am now. My daughter even asked Mr Esther this afternoon if the US election results would soon be in. Alas, he had to tell her that we have some more time to kill before we find out. Thankfully, Mandy Patinkin and his wife Kathryn can help calm me down a little…

I hope that when I wake up tomorrow, an early landslide victory for Joe Biden will be reported and that at least some of my confidence in America can be restored.

8 thoughts on “Dear America

  1. Servetus

    Map: I think he doesn’t think that — it’s a jab against China and México.

    I went and voted. Now, we wait. I’m trying to stay off most of my news feeds until 8 p.m.

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  2. Servetus

    I think the fact that they know so many people despise them is sort of part of their identity — “own the libs.”

    The line was about 40 minutes — around 5 times as long as it usually takes. But totally tolerable. I stood in line for what I remember thinking was quite a while in Florida in 2012 during early voting — but it was like 90 minutes, I think. 40 minutes is totally fine.

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  3. Esther I’m not watching anything
    Will go to bed and think Biden Harris Biden Harris!!!
    I love Mandy and Kathryn and that they really put so much into perspective to galvanize voting! Let’s hope people went out and were ABLE to vote !
    I feel like this isn’t the America I love it’s all a badddd movie with Trump and his screwed up family at the wheel 😱
    Thank you for this post ❤️❤️

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    1. This morning the result is too close to call and I yet again wonder, how can this be, how can such a shit president have this much support? Not everything is counted so still feverishly holding out hope for Biden.


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