This has nothing to do with the hologram that one of the Kardashians received (saw a blip of that on my news feeds but Kardashians don’t interest me, so I skipped past it). This post features a little video of Colin Firth who, for an awards thingy of his ex-wife Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge, was to be a hologram. He is trying to figure out what holograms actually are and it just made me laugh; this really cheers me up on a dreary Saturday morning.

This is how it turned out during the Green Carpet Awards when he presented a socially distanced award…

Ah, his presence and his voice make me so happy. As did this picture that I came across earlier this week from Colin’s new Supernova film with Stanley Tucci. It is almost unbearably touching.

Anyway, the word ‘hologram’ now has me singing Tanita Tikaram’s awesome song “Twist in my Sobriety” in my mind. In that song she sings the line “Look my eyes are just holograms” a few times. I loved that song when it came out in 1988 and I still love it today.

I think this Saturday should now turn into a Colin Firth day for me. I think it’s time to finally watch Colin’s The Secret Garden that I’ve been meaning to watch for weeks now. I could just about fit it in before the weekly grocery shop and other evening plans that may or may not come to fruition.

Have a good Saturday, everyone! Oh and…

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it.

9 thoughts on “Holograms

  1. Esther I love that Colin looked it up on Wikipedia!! Bless his heart and his hair is grey now!! 😁❤️
    I’m so wishing he and Livia get back together! The diehard romantic in me thinks he’s so dashing and sweet.
    Happy Saturday to you and your family and I hope the evening plans come to fruition ❤️❤️❤️🤗

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