US election ‘meddling’ from a Dutch woman

I am Dutch, I have no say in the US elections and yet I am at the edge of my seat here following the US elections. I have always followed and been interested in the US elections but this time it’s different, it’s far more intense for me than it’s ever been before. Even when I was rooting for Obama with all my heart back in 2008 it wasn’t as intense as this year’s election feels to me now. I find myself sharing campaign videos on Twitter, like this one today by Will.I.Am and Jennifer Hudson.

I ask myself, why do I care so very much who wins this election? In 2016 I wasn’t able to believe that Trump could win and yet he did. Now in 2020 I have such fear that he will pull it off again and I find myself doing everything I can from across the pond to support and promote Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

I would have rooted for any democratic candidate, just to get Donald Trump out of office, because what that man is doing does not only create hate and division in his own country, he’s emboldening hate and division abroad as well. I can’t speak to how it is in other countries but I certainly see the effects here in The Netherlands.

He spouses crap like Covid 19 not being so bad and a few days later we have people here in The Netherlands protesting and saying the same thing. He calls all media fake news and we now have people here in our streets heckling our press as well. Just the other week our main TV news broadcaster NOS issued a statement they’d be taking their logos off their news trucks because they were constantly being attacked. When Trump denies climate change, we have people here repeating that crap as well. Even QAnon is gaining a following a here, suddenly we’re hearing about pedophile rings conspiracy theories and such crap, something completely not known here before. This is the crap he’s pulling that influences ‘regular people’ over here but he also influences our country in other ways. He’s pulled out of important agreements, such as the Paris Climate Accord or the WHO (in the middle of a pandemic!), he’s emboldening crooked people like Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel at the cost of Palestinian human rights (what happens in Israel also affects me as I once lived there) and relations between the US and Europe are at a historic low.

So, this election is not only about the USA, it’s about getting such an ill-informed hater out of a position of power and back into the ranks of crazies where he belongs. I’m not one to tell other countries how to vote. I will always oppose populist racist bullies in power but it is not up to me to say who is to vote what in which country. I will, however, oppose things that effect us here in The Netherlands as well like Brexit and like Donald Trump. This US election has become more personal to me than ever before and in that sense I feel it almost as an obligation to speak out and yes, meddle through sharing my view. I have a tiny platform here that is also read internationally and so I am using that as the only way I can to voice my support for Biden and Harris.

It’s about policy but also about character. I can never understand how someone so under-qualified and nasty can become the leader of a such a big and important nation.

There is so much more at stake here than just internal US policy. For the sake of the world and for the sake of sanity, I hope with all my heart that US election results on November 4th will very clearly and unmistakably be in favor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

24 thoughts on “US election ‘meddling’ from a Dutch woman

    1. Like you, I can’t take anymore of this either. The damage is already great but if there are four more years of this it may be irreversible… Let’s hope a clear majority of US voters see sense.

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      1. It’s astonishing how much has been wilfully destroyed by the Trump administration in the past 4 years. Either by not giving a f**** (pardon my french) or by sheer dumb stupidity.
        This administration definitely is one for the history books.

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  1. Like you, I am neither US-American, nor do I live in the US and have a vote there. But that does not mean that we haven’t got an opinion or that we are not allowed to voice an opinion. Unfortunately whatever happens in the elections in the US, will also affect the rest of the world. Hence I think you (or I or *anyone*) has a right to voice an opinion.
    I’m with you on all of what you have written. “Patriotism” of the kind made popular by Trump and his cronies, is also suddenly happening here. We haven’t had attacks on the media yet, but there are covidiots demonstrating in the streets against the lockdown. I just hope that America makes the right decision next week.

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    1. Yes, I feverishly hope so too! As you say, this election result is bigger than just being about the US. Almost anything will be better than the current egomaniac, racist, liar-in-chief.


          1. Servetus

            I think the thing is that this is clearly (knock on wood) going to be a transitional administration. He’s 77 now and he ran because he was the only person who could get all the potential Dem voters in the same tent. I don’t think anyone wants an 81 year old US president, and I don’t think Biden wants to be an 81 year old president. He’ll put together a really expert cabinet and hopefully the Senate will flip, too, and they can get some stuff done quickly. And then Harris will run four years from now.

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  2. Esther from your lips to our American voters fingertips! I pray and I’m about as non religious as they come that people see what an atrocious leader Trump is and vote Biden/Harris on Tues
    I terrified of waking up on Wed and four more years of this clown. Say every prayer snd positive thought you have that Biden/Harris win on Tuesday !!!!!’

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