The second wave

This is what Iman (David Bowie’s widow) said today and I’m so with her…

Corona is really on the rise again. We are well and truly into the second wave here and I think we may have one of the highest infection rates at the moment.


At 7 pm there will be another Covid-19 press conference here and stricter measures are expected to be announced. And so quarantine life trudges on and even I, as an introvert, wouldn’t mind more social interactions by now, rather than less. It is what it is, however, and I guess until there is a reliable vaccine this will continue to be our lives and we will have to continue social distancing and making do virtually.

It is not an option for us to ignore the virus and pretend it isn’t so bad like my nephew does, who I’m told that even though he has contracted Covid-19, still thinks it’s all a hoax, as does his boss who continued to let him work (in a barber shop!) even though he had a fever. I wonder if this second wave also has to do with a growing number of people seeing it all as a hoax. It doesn’t help that some very public figures (like that US president everyone looks to) continue to downplay it all. A few weeks ago there were some Dutch young social media influencers who said they would be opting out of following Corona rules, they all thought it was nonsense. The most well known of them (I didn’t know her but my kids assure me she is very popular amongst youngsters) went on a talk show and she also talked to one of the most famous intensive care doctors here right now. He apparently later also toured an intensive care unit with her and since then she has taken down her opposition and is now working with him to highlight the importance of following Corona rules. Doesn’t sound like her change of heart (and the change of heart of many others in that protest group) influenced my nephew, however.

To counteract such depressing times, at least virtually I can still sometimes keep my spirits up, for instance with these new Colin Firth pictures taken at the premiere of the Supernova film the other day. He’s turning into a lovely grey fox.

I really want to see this movie but I know it will break my heart as well (see trailer here), so it may take me a while to get around to it. On to the very many more quarantine weeks and months to come…

18 thoughts on “The second wave

  1. Esther Colin looks great so dashing there! I had to look up synopsis of the movie. I was half hoping Uncle Vanya cinema version would be coming round where I live .
    We’ve been lucky here where I live numbers are down but when I see pictures of my nieces at their school no social distancing and no masks on I just cringe and want to scream!!

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    1. I included a link to the trailer underneath the pics, it looks so beautiful.

      Mask wearing has been advisory but will now be made mandatory in indoor public spaces. Mini me has to wear one in school in the hallways.

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      1. Esther it does look very good! I was watching Julie and Julia last weekend and Stanley Tucci was so great as Julia Child’s husband . He just fed off Meryl Streep’s character so magnificently I wondered if they as libbed in parts 🤗❤️
        Masks are required here but the twins go to a private school and I cringe when I see those pictures in their newsletter if no masks and no social distancing 😱😢

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    2. aradaghast

      “but when I see pictures of my nieces at their school no social distancing and no masks on I just cringe and want to scream!” It’s so hard to read that Michele. Caregivers like you, Rachel … will keep in mind the advices: how to be careful wherever you are and whatever you are doing… quarantine or not, at work or outside, or even at home with friends even family (cf earlier wedding). All this crisis long, we are going to go on keeping ourselves in charge of souls. Responsabilities make us to confront fears and foolishness. To be caregivers at work help us not to be blind with our fears.

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      1. Anne you are right but it’s not for me to reproach my brother for his choice of schools that are foolish and clearly do not take the necessary precautions with their students. I wish I could tell them to pull the twins out and virtual learn like the public schools in our county are doing but they have chosen this alternative private school to send the twins
        My dad and I just shake our heads in horror when we see these picture with no masks on these children and no
        social distancing
        Re: marriage video you had a mask on and you take precautions from the start 🤗👏

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        1. aradaghast

          No reproach of course in that case but you are aware and conscious of each one responsability. Fingercrossed, 3 weeks later, nobody became ill since the 120 persons gavering wedding…

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          1. Anne you took precautions but you cannot eat with a mask on and from what you sent me the social distancing looked decent. The outside bride photos were stunning too
            Your family needed a break and this wedding seemed a nice trip 🤗❤️

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  2. Servetus

    I’ve always thought influencers might influence you to do something you want to do (buy something, for example) but that convincing anyone that the should do something they don’t want to do is much harder.

    The president’s daughter visited — and ate dinner in — a restaurant in the US’ #3 hotspot last night. The dominant mood around here, as far as I can tell, varied between lack of interest and outrage. That family doesn’t give a s*** about anyone.

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    1. Yeah, they’re called influencers here but don’t know how much they really do influence opinions.

      The Trumps really don’t care about anyone but themselves, that has always been abundantly clear to me, I hope more people see that now as well! My eyes are certainly opening regarding my family member (we’ve never been close) and that makes me very sad.


      1. Servetus

        Obscura and I have been chatting off and on lately about how the current circumstances are affecting our views of our circles of friends and family, too. There have been a lot of jokes about how following public health guidelines is a bit like being in a group project in school and being the person who does most of the work, and they have made me laugh, but my resentment of the poor behavior of others has been growing for a while.

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