There goes US democracy…

Not the ‘greatest country in the world’ after all.

This is the scariest US president ever. I so very much hope for my dear American friends that this doesn’t turn into another civil war just because of an ignorant, racist, ‘patriotic’, selfish, corrupt and greedy narcissist. Maybe I’m too late in hoping that, it somewhat feels like a civil war already… Can this still be stopped?

12 thoughts on “There goes US democracy…

  1. Esther I hope he is defeated and they literally throw him out of office
    I got my absentee ballot yesterday when I got home from work and immediately filled it out to mail it off today
    Please send positive thoughts to
    us Americans shaking in our boots right now that this clown is voted out

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    1. Yes, I had heard that too. He’s been trying to discredit the validity of votes for a while now and he’s saying it now, more clearly and openly than ever! I’m so scared for you guys!


      1. Servetus

        you’ve seen my post by now. Reading the piece by Gellman that is linked there somewhere is what really shook me. I’m not an alarmist by any means.


  2. Saw it and thought the same. It is almost unthinkable that a president of a democratic country can say that – without immediately being taken to task, if not forced to resign. I find it all incredibly scary, and I am worried for my friends who live in the US.

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