Diamond anniversary

On September 16th, 1960 (60 years ago today) my parents got married.

Their marriage has always been a real role model for me. Although they were very different as people, they were true partners in everything, always proud of the other, lifting each other up, encouraging the other in separate and common endeavors, each person allowed to be themselves within their union. Even as a youngster I always thought that if I ever marry, that is the kind of marriage I would aspire to. If I couldn’t have that then I would rather be alone and to this day I still feel that way. I wanted be in love with my best friend through thick and thin, I wanted to be able to completely show myself and be accepted for who I am just as I would want to be able to accept the other completely for who they are, just like my parents did, warts and all, with open lines of communication and no taboos between us. I am lucky I found someone like that. I am ever grateful to my parents for showing me that such a partnership is possible and that I didn’t need to settle for anything less.

I wish papa were still with us to celebrate this day. At least the sun is shining today, just like it did on her wedding day my mother told me this morning on the phone.

(A rose in the sunshine in our back garden today)

Happy diamond anniversary to my beloved parents!

13 thoughts on “Diamond anniversary

  1. Wow, Esther, that looks like a very fancy wedding. Your dad in the top hat!!! And your mum has a really gorgeous bouquet. Oh, and the horse-drawn carriage!!! It’s like a society wedding 😉
    But so beautiful – and really nice to see. Thanks for sharing, and congrats to your mum. The way you describe your parents’ marriage, they must have been very happy.

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    1. Yes, it does look fancy! They really had a very happy marriage, despite some ups and downs and tragedies. My mother still very deeply misses my father as her partner…


  2. Servetus

    I love the tophat. Somehow that detail really captures the spirit of the day and to some extent the age — looking back while looking forward. I’m glad they were so happy together!

    My parents were both 19 — in fact, my paternal grandparents had to sign a legal document giving my father permission (1961 — the legal age for men to marry was 21). My mother sewed her own dress and my father got a new suit (his previous suit had been bought for his confirmation at 14 and it still fit him). No tophat!

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      1. Servetus

        I was wondering if that was a hired suit (that is very common in the US). Not many people have a tophat in their closet. But I remember that (e.g.) you have to wear evening wear to defend a dissertation at some universities in the Netherlands. So maybe men do own them?

        Yup. It was 18 back then for women (and that was considered high at the time; many states were lower). The law changed in 1971. Now it’s 18 for both, but you can marry at 16 if your parents or guardians agree. My impression is that the age with permission nowadays is primarily a concession to Hmong immigrant families.

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