Some additional details from the lock-in interview

Servetus has seen Richard Armitage on Digital Theatre Plus and has kindly provided a little summary. Now, how can we all get our hands on this as well, please, Digital Theatre?

Me + Richard Armitage

“Can I get out of here now? Because I have to sleep.”

  • Armitage finds Harold Pinter Theater to be intimate and epic at the same time.
  • Armitage felt like he could have lived on the UV set, and this would be the perfect environment for the lock-in b/c it would be atmospheric and spooky, and there are also snacks in a cupboard on the stage.
  • When you’re developing a character you want to spend time with them before you become them.
  • Armitage would want to investigate assumptions about the character of Scrooge; he’s “sort of an anti-hero, in a way.”
  • He finds being in a room with a grumpy person and trying to shake them up a bit, fun.
  • Armitage thinks he is a bit like Scrooge.
  • Armitage can’t play chess.
  • In a situation like this, Armitage would be the psychiatrist or the friend for Scrooge, helping him find out…

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