Happy 60th, Colin!

Livia Firth shared this joyful birthday message this morning about her ex-husband (link won’t embed, so I’m sharing this awesome image as a screenshot). I love that there is still an affection between them…

I myself have loved Colin ever since the fall of 1995 (25 years ago!) when he graced my screen as the one and only Mr. Darcy.

Even getting to 60, he still is handsome, he still exudes warmth and intelligence, and he still has that something in his face that completely attracts me. He looks older and scruffy but still adorable in The Secret Garden that is out in cinemas now.

I think I need to go see this movie this week to celebrate his big day but also to celebrate having loved him for the past 25 years and still loving him. Happy Birthday, Colin Firth!

13 thoughts on “Happy 60th, Colin!

  1. Servetus

    i count on you for all my Colin Firth news, so I missed that they had divorced! Poor them. Happy Birthday, Colin Firth. It’s this weird kind of reminder that we are all getting older.

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    1. I don’t know if they’re actually divorced, but they are separated and seem still friendly.
      Yeah, 60 sounds quite old, but so did 50 when I turned 50 this year and I realize it just doesn’t feel as old as it sounds. I assume that will be the case at 60 as well. 🙂


      1. Servetus

        Richard Armitage’s remark a decade ago that he didn’t feel almost 40, he felt like was 25 comes to mind. I think I’m just about mature enough now to reproduce and my reproductive years are effectively over. So it’s not so much that I feel old. But I know I am getting there. One of my HS classmates remarked recently on FB that she expects her first great-grandchild in the next five years or so, and other friends I have are now starting to talk about retirement (not an option for me, or desirable, really). I have several friends from school who are grandmothers now. Those are the kinds of reminders that floor me, much less so than things like my hair color or how I feel on a daily basis.

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          1. Servetus

            Yeah. I’m sure the average age of reproduction in NE Wisconsin is probably 8-10 years less than in most of northern Europe. From time to time, it makes me wonder if my youth was misspent. But then I blink and life goes on. [grins]

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              1. Servetus

                I didn’t want a marriage or children, so I don’t regard them that way either. I sometimes wonder what will happen when i don’t have people to watch out for me the way we do for dad, but that is really not a reason to reproduce. And I really do think it was the right decision to invest in life abroad while I was younger. There were some things I couldn’t afford, but it’s increasingly apparent to me that putting it off until retirement would not have worked for me.

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  2. aradaghast

    “Even getting to 60, he still is handsome, he still exudes warmth and intelligence”
    Weird or strange is sounding this sentence in my ears me.
    What do you mean by ” intelligence”?
    Intelligence of the heart? of empathy? of the neurons? of the mind?
    I am 60 years old since May, no intelligence problems but memories problems for sure.
    To be insane, fool, stupid is not correlated with how old you are.

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    1. Oh, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not relating intelligence to age at all, I’m so sorry you read it that way! I’m just saying I fell for all these qualities in Colin all those years ago and that doesn’t change. My father, who passed away at age 81 and with memory loss due to Parkinson’s, was up to the end one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. All I’m saying is that I am attracted to intelligence and I’m glad that Colin seems to have it and that even after knowing of him for 25 years the impression that he is smart hasn’t changed. Sometimes people can seem intelligent but on closer inspection turn out to not be that. For me, even though I don’t know the man, I still think he is smart.


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