Lucifer – so devilish

I have been binge-watching Lucifer these past ten days or so. And when I say binge-watching, I mean it. Literally every free second I had went into it and some very late nights (and not enough sleep).

I had watched Lucifer a few years ago and then a second season hiatus came (I checked Wikipedia, that was in 2017) and I never continued watching after that. I started watching at the time because of Tom Ellis, whom I had loved in Miranda

Lucifer is about the devil who is sick of running hell and ditches it all for a life in Los Angeles as a nightclub owner with a faithful demon (his head torturer), who came with him, by his side. In L.A. he encounters detective Chloe Decker and starts helping her solve murders, along the way developing a special kind of relationship with her. He tells everyone very openly that he is the devil and speaks of God as “dad” but naturally no one really believes that he actually is who he says he is. His brother Amenadiel also comes to earth and tries to make him go back to guarding hell. As the series progresses more celestial beings come and go and complicate matters for Lucifer in the ‘real’ world. In a very funny twist Lucifer starts going into therapy, with other celestials following his lead, but this also helps the viewer understand him better and it helps him grow. The series has some high drama but also some great comedy as these celestial beings try to adjust to human life and humans wonder what the hell is going on (pun intended).

So, Tom Ellis is in Lucifer and I had really enjoyed him in the role when I first saw it, but I was not so sure about the female lead and I think that was one of the reasons for me to not stick with it when it returned after that second season hiatus; my attention was on other shows instead. In the intervening years since 2017 my son has started watching Lucifer and has been urging me to continue my watch as well. Then the other week Herba briefly mentioned Lucifer on her blog and as I was just in between projects, I figured the time had come to return to Lucifer. I didn’t regret it, it’s been a lot of fun! And not just because of Tom…

And yes, he does have a bit of a Richard Armitage vibe about him, but showier. Speaking of showier, there is quite some singing and piano playing done by Lucifer and I just adore this season 3 scene, have watched it countless times already…

Anyway, it’s not only Tom Ellis I am loving in this. I also fell in love with Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), Lucifer’s older brother, with his soulful, beautifully shaped eyes and the occasional smile that completely lights up his face…

I’d forgotten about D.B. Woodside, who was also in Suits for a season or so and whom I had really liked there as well. Even when looking fierce (which he does very well), there is a warmth and hidden depth in his eyes and the expressions on his face compleley draw me in. Yes, I’ve become a fan!

I also fell in love with Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt), the demon who is Lucifer’s right hand woman. Maze is a tough misfit, a fish out of water amongst humans and she really cracks me up.

I am also invested in the whole Lucifer – Chloe relationship. Lauren German as Chloe is fine but somehow her look is a little too Hollywood for me.

Therapist to the devil, Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) is awesome in her bewildered but still very effective counselling sessions. I loved Harris in Suits as well, she’s really good at the quirky characters that have depth.

And I love forensic scientist Ella Lopez, smart, quirky and loves to hug, so warmly portrated by Aimee Garcia. She is my son’s favourite.

I also really liked Tricia Helfer who was on for two seasons as Charlotte, a woman whose body gets taken over by Lucifer’s mother who has also escaped hell…

The murder cases are very much like murder cases on other shows, but the drama and humour in having celestial beings find their places amongst humans is what makes this show extra fun.

The show was cancelled after three seasons but after a huge online fan protest it was brought back and is now produced by Netflix (I am still hoping for the same kind of outcome for Anne with an E). Now that I am all caught up, I am really grateful that those fans (“Lucifans”) made the effort and that the show has been so successfully renewed. I’m not in full on fangirl mode but I do really enjoy the show and the casting. It’s such fun (as Miranda would say) to watch.

Let me just end by sharing this really cool and fun Lucifer fan video, I think my fave so far that I have seen. I wish I could make them like this.

The second half of season 5 is yet to air and a season 6 is already planned. More Lucifer to enjoy and I am very much looking forward to it!

19 thoughts on “Lucifer – so devilish

    1. After posting I felt I should also have said that Lucifer isn’t evil in himself, he is a man with a conscience. He punishes evil, has a rebellious streak, he knows desire and acts on it and all that has its effect on him in bad and good ways. The complexity of and the fun in his character make this show so much fun to watch.

      Anyway, thanks so much for reminding me of this show again (and to my son for telling me to continue watching)! πŸ™‚

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  1. Esther I’m really looking forward to watching this show after my ER rotation is over. I’m on Season 15 now!
    I love Miranda and Tom was so sweet and funny in that show. Rachel Harris was fabulous on Suits!!
    Great analysis and gives one hope for AWAE !! πŸ€—

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    1. AWAE has already far surpassed Lucifer in signatures and tweets and yet all remains silent there… I continue hoping but right now it’s all still looking bleak there, sadly.

      As for Lucifer, he is very different from Gary on Miranda but so much fun as well! And very sexy. I hope you’ll also enjoy it when you get around to it.

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  2. watched the first 2 seasons of Lucifer, it’s pretty good but i’m not 100% won over by Ellis portrayal of Lucifer-he’s just a bit too Austin Powers/cartoonish for my taste. I wouldn’t mind continuing to watch though but it’s not high priority atm. I agree about the other characters, especially Lesley-Ann Brandt and Rachael Harris

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      1. Servetus

        I wouldn’t unless you either really like seventeenth century English poetry / literature or you have a strong interest in Christian theology. I read it in college and it was interesting but not one bit entertaining.

        My student’s been quoting it to me because of the divine foreknowledge problem (which seems to be on display on every university campus in the US — i.e., if you know how students are likely to behave once they get back to campus, is it ethical to bring them back even if you tell them not to behave that way?) We’ve been talking about this snippet from Book III, where G-d explains to Jesus the fall of man:

        “…they themselves decreed
        Thir own revolt, not I: if I foreknew,
        Foreknowledge had no influence on their fault,
        Which had no less prov’d certain unforeknown.”

        (this is essentially the Augustinian view, but English theologians were fighting about it again 13 centuries later. Had enough yet? LOL.)

        But in general when I see these popular re-imaginings of the Satan figure I think about the classical vision of these figures. I was thinking of your comment that Lucifer has a conscience in light of Milton (and actually also Goethe, where Mephistopheles says “ich bin der Geist / der stets verneint”). In old stories, Satan has a logic even if not always a praiseworthy one.

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        1. I was just googling about Paradise Lost and yeah, I’ll skip that one. A wikipedia recap is enough. πŸ˜‰

          You seem very knowledgeable on the subject, maybe scenes from Lucifer could be of interest to you for certain classes. It sounds like a bit of the back story of this Lucifer is indeed borrowed from Paradise Lost. Lucifer often comments on how he shows people what they desire (including a desire to murder) but that it’s the free choice of that person to give in to that or not. He is not responsible for people’s choices and is a punisher, not a killer. I also like the notion of hell, where a person is stuck in their own room in hell and caught in a loop of constantly reliving their own nightmares and biggest mistakes they made on earth.

          I just came across this 19 minute video on YouTube, called ‘Lucifer, the many faces of the devil’ which shows all sorts of devil figures (also mentioning Paradise Lost) and how bits of each of them can be found in this Lucifer character.

          This show is not meant be heavy on theology but it really does give food for thought about the devil and hell.


          1. Servetus

            Yeah, this material is directly in my professional wheelhouse. I’ve decided if I end up having to teach theology again that I’m going to have to incorporate some of this pop culture stuff into the class. I’ve been doing films, but they may demand too much focus (or more focus than my current students have). Maybe this would be a good option.

            If reliving one’s own bad decisions is hell … wow, the implications. I have a lot of that as it is. I also like what Sartre had to say about it: hell is other people. (Spoken like a true introvert.)

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  3. I’ve been watching too until about s4 need to check amazon out for new eps. I found the characters so entertaining especially Mez and the psychologist;-) and i like Lucifer It’s the kind of pretty well made light entertainment we could really use πŸ™‚ and there is precious little around. And love the musical bits and the devlishly stylish bar!

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  4. Did you notice the sudden change to incorporate a bit more racy content once it was taken over by Netflix? When binge-watching, I wondered if it would be even more obvious. He is a really good actor, though, when given the chance. Season 2, episode 5, with the action with Uriel… Ellis’ acting there reminded me of Guy in Marian’s final scene.

    Ellis’ father, uncle, and sister are all pastors. I was looking online for when he was talking about his family’s reaction and how Lucifer isn’t portrayed as pure evil… but I was hopelessly distracted by his Lucifer work-out video! A very nice distraction!

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