My day is made

This is my workplace right now…

Yes, about half an hour ago my coveted prize from the Richard Armitage Birthday auctions arrived: my very own John Thornton shrine. I’m beyond thrilled! It’s a grey day here today, so I figured a bit of candlelight while at work wouldn’t be amiss.

Later this afternoon I may try fiddling with that cravat a bit. I think I’ll be keeping him close to me here on our dinner table (my ‘office’) for a while, it really is lovely company while I work. I will also need to hoard a stash of small candles to keep the light shining during the coming darker autumn and winter months. I always have a bit of the winter blues so this will be a lovely little pick-me-up.

Mr Esther and I are both impressed with the craftsmanship on this as neither of us would have that dedication or the insight and ability to craft such a pretty and delicate little thing. Thank you so very much for this beautiful creation, Guylty, and the lovely little extra goodies you added! This little package has really made my day.

23 thoughts on “My day is made

  1. Ah hehehe, so glad it is brightening up your work day a bit, Esther. Have you untied the cravat already? It may be a little too hot in there πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, I am happy if this has turned out to be a fair return for your wonderful contribution to the fundraiser. Thank you again for your generosity! xxx

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