Richard Armitage lockdown birthday #49!

Servetus is doing her yearly charity donation thing for Richard Armitage’s birthday. This one also benefits LOROS. Have a gander and participate if you like…

Me + Richard Armitage

Happy birthday to Richard Armitage and many happy returns!

What a bizarre year. That’s pretty much all I can say. Just typing that much is tiring me out. I’m hoping for for energy after this class I’m teaching ends next week. I certainly wish all the best to Mr. Armitage — health, prosperity, interesting work, and so on.

This is my tenth post of this kind. In honor of the occasion, I will make a donation of £1 (GBP) for each person who comments on this post from now until I close comments (probably on Sunday morning, 8/23, my time). A person is someone with a unique handle, email and IP address who leaves a comment HERE at my wordpress blog. Limit one comment per person. Lurkers and first-time commentators are welcome. Your comment does not have to have any particular content. There is no limit on the donation. I…

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