The Richard mask

We are going to the most southern point of The Netherlands next week to a rented self-contained cottage for our holiday and we plan on going for outings into Belgium and Germany as well, maybe even drive to Luxemburg for a day. We know the mask rules are stricter in those countries than they are here, so Mr Esther wanted to order a few extra face masks to take with us on holiday. He is a heraldry geek and ordered masks with the coat of arms he had once designed for himself and had registered as his own…

(Yeah, his ‘Corona beard’ is getting long!) He ordered them in three designs but as they came in a set of four, he had a special mask made for me as well. Ever supportive of me and my fangirling, he ordered a mask with the painting my mother had once made for me of The Crucible

Here is the mask in more detail..

Pretty cool, right?

Masks here in The Netherlands so far are only mandatory in public transport, not in other public spaces. Restrictions here aren’t as tight anymore and this week the news came that Covid 19 cases are on the rise again. It won’t surprise me if masks become mandatory here in public indoor spaces like shops and restaurants as well, which means I may be using this mask far more than just our holiday. So, Richard Armitage on my mouth and nose – not a bad way to walk around this summer.

20 thoughts on “The Richard mask

      1. Absolutely! And an extremely beautiful one! I had two masks printed recently, one with a London skyline photo from my camera and a bookish one, haven’t dared to expose my RAddiction so far. 😷

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  1. Servetus

    I think I’m not quite ready to make my mask into an identity statement (casting no aspersions at those who do). I’ve got one with sunflowers, one with the local football team’s insignia, and one with a Prince song line on it. The last comes closest but (appropriately for me) it doesn’t fit all that well.

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    1. Just saying to Nell (above) that I only liked it for a mask because it can be seen as a random, pretty piece of art besides just being a fan item. I could have done a Klimt painting, or a Picasso, or a Van Gogh, but in this case it’s an “Ellen” (my mother’s name) painting. πŸ™‚

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  2. sweet gesture on behalf of your chap, and it’s fairly subtle anyway-not like you have a photo of him splashed on your mush! lol
    your little trip sounds great fun! reminds me of when i was 16 and we were in Austria-the Tyrol and we drove into Italy and Switzerland all in one day!

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  3. What a lovely husband you have, Esther. Your mask is wonderful and subtle. I’m not sure I could go out with Richard’s face emblazoned on mine either but, yes, the close proximity is another matter. Have a great trip!

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