Countdown to my holiday

The final work week before my summer holiday has started and, after some rainy and cool days, the sun is out and it’s very pleasant. This morning I walked into our front garden to put out the trash bin that was to be emptied and it was so nice and quiet and a pleasant temperature at 9 am, I decided to just work out here today (wheelbarrow still needs to be picked up by the guys who elevated our garden, so ignore that)…

Only one conference call planned later this afternoon, so it’s the ideal situation to sit out here and type away quietly on my work laptop. The countdown has begun: just one more week and then I’ll have 4 weeks off. So very much looking forward to the time-out! But first, it’s back to work again now, I need to earn my time off…

25 thoughts on “Countdown to my holiday

    1. Thank you.
      Vacation: yes, very lucky, especially in the education sector that I now work in it’s really good. I used to have about 6 weeks a year (pretty standard for NL), now it’s I think 9!

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    2. squirrel.0072

      Théoriquement en France, il y a 5 semaines de congés payés pour les employés à plein temps: 35 heures par semaine. Ceux qui dépassent les 35 heures par semaine peuvent avoir un recours à des RTT réduction du temps de travail. Les heures sont parfois prises en fin de semaine (vendredi) ou la veille de jours fériés… Mais beaucoup sont hors de ce cadre, j’en fait partie. Les vacances sont alors très attendues car bien plus rares.
      Mais aujourd’hui, mes pensées vont vers toutes les personnes qui ont perdu ou vont perdent leur travail, à cause ou sous le prétexte des conséquences de la crise imputée au Covid 19.


      1. Here a full working week is either 36 or 40 hours, depending on who you work for. 5-6 weeks of holidays is normal, some sectors have more. I am very lucky to have a constant job during this Corona pandemic, I am fully aware. Yes, it is very depressing to see so many people in trouble with jobs now.

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  1. squirrel.0072

    Thank you “Uncle Vania” to offer me one more week on holiday this year.
    Thank you Michele to ask me to attend to UV with your friends , in Februar.
    “Have a good time” Esther with your family!

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  2. i don’t know where i’d be without my garden tbh. I’m so grateful to have the outside space where i can just sit and listen to birds and chill with my cats. We need to sort out the back garden though, our grapevine/pagoda got trashed during the storms earlier this year 😦


    1. Mr Esther and I were saying the exact same thing yesterday about being lucky that we have outside space like that.
      Grapevine sounds lovely. Are they edible? Our old house had a grapevine when we moved in there at the time but those grapes were always sour.

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      1. Yeah if the weather is good then the grapes end up pretty decent. We tried making wine one year but gave up midway lol! The patio area used to be divine, but it’s just a right mess. I think we’re concentrating on inside house this year then next year we’ll sort out the garden issues.

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    1. No, not late at all! I was fiddling on WordPress during the weekend and saw that the theme I was using was being retired, so I picked another one that was similar, added my header picture and fiddled a bit with the background colour scheme and that’s the new look. Was too lazy to dedicate a blog post to it or anythig but fun that you noticed that something’s different. 🙂

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