Corona hair & encouraging figures

Yay! My Friday afternoon 3.30 pm video meeting was cancelled! Of course there are a million other things I could do, but hey, why not shoot out a blog post instead, I thought?

Just before starting this post, I came out of a close to two hour phone call with someone who had all sorts of questions. She was so glad to be speaking to someone that she took the opportunity to ask about a hundred other questions as well. At least I left her happy, and that’s always good, right? I thought the call would be a short one, so was going to eat lunch after, but instead lunch didn’t happen until just a little after 3 pm (after also emptying and refilling the dishwasher). Yep, I had chocolate sprinkles on small matzoh crackers…

Not sure why I have the headphones in, probably habit once I sit down at my work laptop. Anyway, Mr Esther is growing his corona age beard and I decided to just let my hair grow as well and see what happens. Getting quite long now, which means I’m brushing my bangs a bit to the side now. Befitting the age of 50, it’s also getting greyer and greyer and I admit I kinda like the grey! We’ll look like real hermits once lock down is completely over, like this guy in Monty Python’s Life of Brian… I’ll have that hair and Mr Esther will have that beard…

This week further easing of restrictions have been announced here in The Netherlands as of July 1st as the figures of Corona containment here have become encouraging. We’ve have a few days in the past week with no Corona deaths at all, as shown in this graphic I took from the article I just referenced.

With the easing of restrictions, the 1.5 meter distance rule still holds true and work from home, if in any way possible, is also still encouraged. This social distancing thing does work when people stick with it, so we’ll be sticking with those rules a while longer. We do have a 4 week holiday coming up in a few weeks’ time and have decided to rent a self-contained holiday cottage in the south of The Netherlands for 10 days. Mr Esther jr will probably have to work at the hotel he’s interning at but may come down for a weekend to join Mr Esther, mini-Esther and myself. We can continue social distancing in such a cottage and we can nip into Belgium and Germany if possible but will still be close enough to home should things change, restriction wise.

So, all I can say in closing is: stay socially distanced, stay safe and hope that the Corona vaccine will come soon (first human trials have already started)! Oh, and get back to work Esther, enough mucking about…

24 thoughts on “Corona hair & encouraging figures

  1. That length of hair looks really good on you, Esther! (And I approve of the sprinkles on cracker! Sprinkles elevate *any* baked flour/water concoction!)
    Lovely to have a holiday to look forward to. It just sounds wonderful. And 4 weeks off – sounds pretty good too.

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    1. Thanks, Guylty. It has gotten to this sort of length before (usually in winter, in summer I prefer shorter) but now I am going beyond… Haven’t had longer hair like that since my early twenties! Eeek! We’ll see if it continues to look OK as it grows on.
      Yeah, really looking forward to the holiday! The amount of time off is a luxury. 🙂


  2. Servetus

    I’m in a similar boat re hair — I missed my January haircut due to the London trip and mentally scheduled it for mid-March at spring break, by which time all the salons had closed. They’re open again now but no way I can risk it, not just due to dad but also because cases are rising in the US again. I can’t believe that people are as stupid as Americans have shown themselves to be, but I guess we are (exasperation). I picked up a second session summer class, which will make shielding easier, anyhow.

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    1. Yeah, from what I hear, the US situation is not encouraging. I’m so sorry.
      Here hairdressers have also been open, I think a month now? With these kinds of figures I would be OK going but now I don’t want to and I want to see where this experiment leads.
      Congrats on picking up that extra class!

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  3. Esther I’m happy you are happy with the grey. I had to bottle dye my hair before going back to
    work In May and am still seeing grey hairs. I’m glad you embrace it. Not me freaks me out!
    Hooray for your vacay. Where would you nip into Begium and Germany? That is fabulous to have so many options opened to you
    Your top is a great color and print! 😘❤️

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    1. Thanks, Michele!
      I used to colour my hair to make it more blonde, like it used to be when I was younger, but at some point I just gave up, too much hassle for me. I don’t particularly enjoy going to hairdressers either. So, what it basically boils down to is how bad is this grey thing really and if it’s awful, is it worth my time trying to cover it up? Decided it’s not too bad and no, not worth my time. 😉 Cheap way of lightening my hair too without having to colour it and even the kids seem to like it. 🙂
      We’ll be staying near Maatricht, in the southern tip of The Netherlands. We could go to Aachen in Germany, or Liege in Belgium, Luxemburg would be a two hour drive away, so we may do that for a day trip as well, if possible.

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      1. Ahhh Esther I loved Aachen and Luxembourg!!
        Sounds fabulous!!!
        I think the grey for me is like wrinkles in the face for many people. Grey in my hair just depresses me and I had my hair highlighted to blonder highlights in my 40s
        My natural hair is a mousy brown. Mine went past my shoulder when I had it chopped about 2 inches a few Sundays ago

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  4. Your hair looks lovely. Mine is a messy one sided bob atm, got an appointment at end of July to get it all chopped off. Chatted with my hairdresser on pm and we’re not going to colour because I don’t want to be there too long. They will be social distancing where possible in the salon and eveyone wearing a mask and strict hand hygiene plus no magazine or drinks. I also heard there was an American hairdresser who had covid but didn’t realise. .but because everyone in the salon was wearing masks and had good hygiene – none of her clients caught it from her.
    Very jealous about your upcoming holiday!

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    1. My hair dresser wore a mask and I did as well and there was constant disinfecting going on
      Social distancing was strict and I had to wait outside prior to the appointment
      I second the envy on the upcoming holiday trip 🤗

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      1. And trip – we didn’t want to fly anywhere or take busses or trains, so we picked something that is doable by car, only two hours away from where we live. I’m reaaaaalllly looking forward to travelling a bit again! 🙂

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    2. Yes, strict hygiene measures here as well and you have to answer questions about your health before you’re allowed in. You can only go in by appointment over phone or internet, no walking in at the spur of the moment. That’s great that that hairdresser was able to contain the spread, good for her!
      Really looking forward to that holiday! 🙂
      Just now also wondering: are you able to work again? If so, I imagine hygiene standards will be strict too, although I expect them to be strict already in the dental hygiene world.

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      1. Yeah I’m slowly going back to work. We have very strict protocols, lots of triaging on the phone, temp checks and oximeter readings at door , no one in waiting room, everyone wearing masks all day long, extra PPE, aerosol generating procedures at a minimum and fallow time after use. Not going to earning much money tbh! Lol

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  5. aradaghast

    🙂 Un bon sujet d’actualité.
    Cette coiffure vous va à merveille.
    J’espère que vous ne vous jetterez pas dans un trou de boue…
    J’avais l’intention de me prendre en photo avec une fiole dans la main ou un nid sur la tête, juste pour étudier ma ressemblance avec Radagast.
    A l’heure d’aujourd’hui, j’ hésite à annuler mon RV chez le coiffeur.

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