To everything…

…turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn…

A time for going away (I love the sunroof in our car)…

A time for walking in the woods…

A time for watching over your family (Mr Esther looks a bit like a secret service agent here)…

A time for reading…

A time for working…

A time for blogging during your break (because you just can’t shut up, no matter how tired you are)…

(I really like my image gallery!)

And a time to realize that I am very much enjoying ungluing myself somewhat from the laptop screen and the world. After I shut down my work laptop later this afternoon it’s off for a walk, an early dinner because mini me has soccer practice, and back to my book again this evening. Already looking forward to all that!

3 thoughts on “To everything…

  1. Esther I Spy Remington Steele and Sarah Cooper there!! She got me through this part weekend ! 😉🤗
    I love your sunroof pic with the mesmerizing clouds. I will have to try to emulate that with my sunroof. I have a Toyota too!
    Enjoy your walk, early dinner and book!

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    1. Thanks!
      Yes, these pictures are from my blog’s image gallery and the pics I used most recently during my fictional character challenge show up nicely now. 🙂
      We love our hybrid Toyota – got it for environmental reasons and to save some money. Drives like a dream. Just had it serviced again last week and apart from small things like oil changes all still working beautifully.

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